Texas’ blow to baseball-bat surgery

Imagine Texas passed this legislation:

“Surgeons, when conducting surgery, must use tools like scalpels. No longer can they use baseball bats on their patients!”

… great?

That doesn’t question the power, effectiveness or existence of surgery. All it questions was what on Earth was going on in Texas before.

Changing gears, except not at all:

If you follow the news, you might have heard about the recent legislation in Texas.

It restricts the use of hypnosis in criminal cases. For example, if law enforcement used hypnosis on a witness to recover a memory, they now can’t testify on that.

Folks have described it as a blow to hypnosis.

Even a stand against junk science.

Any hypnotist worth their Himalayan pink salt is scratching their head on this one.

See, law enforcement can still use hypnosis to generate leads. For example, a witness might not remember anything on questioning. Under hypnosis, though, they remember seeing a black sports car at the scene. The cops know one of the suspects drives a black sports car, so they focus the investigation on them, uncover concrete proof and use that to convict them.

There’s a term for this among the forensic hypnosis crowd:

“The only effing way to do it.”

Hypnosis can recover forgotten memories. It can also distort or implant them. Afterwards, there’s no way to distinguish those two.

No one knows this better than hypnotists.

So of course hypnosis can only generate leads, not testimony. If cops in Texas were doing otherwise, I have many questions.

Hypnosis is clearly powerful.

Like any tool, it leads to bad results if you misuse it.

Colour me shocked…

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