What It’s Like to be More Unconscious

What It’s Like to be More Unconscious

When you embrace hypnotic habits, something interesting starts to happen. In many ways, it’s the ultimate benefit. Every other good things that happens to you is a subset of this, overshadowed by this change to your being.

The more in tune with your unconscious you become, the more easily you create peak experiences.

Most people have experienced moments where their brains just worked. For a short while – maybe hours, maybe a few seconds – your abilities leap to a whole new level.

It might be while giving an important presentation, and suddenly you become charismatic, confident and engaging.

You might be playing a sport and everything clicks.

It could happen when you’re writing. Your fingers punch out the words in rapid fire and, when you’re done, you’re amazed by what’s in front of you.

It happens with parents who suddenly know exactly what to say to help their child.

You gaze at a piece of art or a gorgeous scene, and suddenly you get it. The sheer beauty and genius of it rocks you to your core. It’s so intense that you have a physical reaction – dilated pupils, sweating, giddiness, rapid breathing.

A simple conversation with a stranger that changes your life.

The right idea and the right time, hitting you like a bolt of lightning.

A moment where you feel literal connections to your community.

A sense of peace after years of struggle.

Pure, unconditional joy.

There are times when you become much greater at something. It’s as if you injected rocket fuel into your system. Your ability to do something complex or even just feel an emotion becomes a lot stronger.

Most of you will know what I mean. You’ll be able to remember moments like this – maybe immediately, maybe later while you’re distracted.

Some of you won’t have a clue what I mean.

Either way is okay. In fact, either way is great.

You can practice this state of being. When you bring your unconscious into your conscious experience, it leaves you open to these altered states of mind.

Your unconscious mind tracks and records everything. It knows every conversation, every action and every thought. It has a wealth of wisdom and experience to bring to your life.

But only if you let it.

There are mind-training exercises that build this. Spend a week with a hypnotist as they put you in and out of trance, and you’ll experience what I mean. Long meditation retreats, spend in silence, can get you there.

These are intense and the revelations can shatter your world (in a good way).

You don’t have to tear everything down to make progress, though. A small step forward with something so powerful can change everything.

Casually entering trances creates serious results.

If you want to go for the intense version, then you can learn to hypnotise yourself. Then you can take the reins of your own consciousness.

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Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

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