Beat jet lag by carrying the sun and destroying the future

Beat jet lag by carrying the sun and destroying the future

Travel! Isn’t it great?


Isn’t it?

It is and it isn’t. It’s an incredible experience to travel from one place to another. More than that, when you move from one culture to another, it opens you up to new ways of living. Culture clashes and homesickness are little more than reality challenging your basic assumptions.

You can fly halfway round the world in a day, for a modest fee. A few hundred years ago, a journey like that took months and the resources of an empire. Going back even further, it would take generations.

Few cultures lie outside your reach. With a bit of planning and effort, you can find yourself anywhere.

But one thing we haven’t mastered is making it a pleasant experience.

Flying from continent to continent is brutal. Cross enough time zones and jetlag can wipe you out for days. And that’s after sitting for hours in a cramped, shaky seat, listening to the sounds of engines and hundreds of people.

If you know how to enter a trance, though, you have some options.

Minimising jetlag starts the moment you step onto the plane. Set your watch to the destination time. Then set your body and mind to it, too.

The trick is to put yourself in a trance and visualise the time of day. If it’s midday at your destination, then create a mental landscape where you’re standing in sunlight. Feel the warm rays brush your skin. Tilt your head back, with your eyes closed, and drink in the golden light.

If it’s the late afternoon, then sit and watch the sun as it sinks below whatever horizon you create. Listen as the world begins to shift from day to night. In a city, maybe you hear the end-of-work commute change to the early nightlife. In nature, perhaps the birds will give way to insects.

At night, you can sit among a shadowy landscape illuminated only by a silvery moon and distant stars.

Carry the sun and moon in your mind. Make them real enough to fool your biochemistry. The deeper your trance and the longer you sustain this, the easier it is. Hacking your circadian rhythms isn’t hard with self-hypnosis.

That just leaves how to pass the time.

If you can sleep or enter a sleep-like trance, then do that. You’ll arrive feeling (relatively) refreshed.

But if you can’t?

The challenge with travelling is that you are doing nothing while full of anticipation. The present is an obstacle for you to overcome. Once you’ve endured it, then you can reap the rewards of your destination.

If you think like that, then no wonder it’s difficult.

Anticipation comes from when you think your future is better than your present. It’s okay to enjoy the thought of arriving… just don’t discount the moment. Yeah, you’re not doing anything at that time. Yeah, you might be tired, bored and uncomfortable.

That’s okay.

Focus and breath. Pay attention to the present.

You can’t enjoy the future because it doesn’t exist. You can choose to enjoy the present, though. And this moment will give way to another moment, a chain of present experiences extending to some unknown point.

You can either enjoy the present, or not. Forget the future and destroy it. You can enjoy it when it comes now – until then, don’t sacrifice this moment for then.

This is the ultimate practice in patience. Appreciate now for what it offers, not some non-existent future. Do that and travelling is a breeze.

If this approach confuses you, then consider what it’s like while in a hypnotic trance. It works best when you alter your state of consciousness and let your unconscious come forward.

I can teach you how to do that.

In fact, I do.

And it occurs to me that I’ve been undercharging for my self-hypnosis guide. Given how much value there is, whether you’re new to it or not, it should cost a lot more.

I won’t bump the price just yet, though. But if you like bargains, then think about grabbing this soon.

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