Becoming conscious of unconscious thoughts

Becoming conscious of unconscious thoughts

There are few moments as awesome as when you can think new thoughts. Especially when it happens quickly.

After all, you can learn new ways of thinking over years of hard work.

Or a week-long seminar.

Or between one breath and the next, as an epiphany strikes.

It can come as a little jolt of energy or a storm that knocks you off your feet.

If your view of the world is you add a bit of knowledge here, a bit of practice there and you become a smidge smarter…

Well, here’s a new chunk of knowledge that’ll make you much smarter.

You are thinking billions of thoughts outside your conscious awareness. That’s not exaggeration – in fact, it’s underselling it. Your unconscious thinking makes up so much of who you are.

It includes analysing every scrap of data from your environment, every ingrained instinct, every suppressed memory, every old habit, every bodily function and much more.

The thing about this unconscious thinking is it’s outside your control. It’s natural and automatic. You can’t choose to do something you aren’t even aware of.

And then, every now and then, a big piece of your unconscious landscape falls into your awareness.

An irresistible habit becomes easy to ignore.

Your awareness of your body, mind and emotions expands.

You have choice where before you had programming.

Words can’t really do it justice. It’s like dropping a weight you forgot you were carrying, or flexing muscles you forget were tense.

Only a hundred times better.

And the good news is if you lead a decent life, these moments will trickle in.

Or you could supercharge the process.


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