When a beggar has more power than a duke

Imagine a medieval society.

Feudalism, knights on horseback, peasantry, the works.

In such a world, you’d rather be a duke than a beggar. Dukes enjoyed wealth and privilege. Living on the streets wasn’t just a lack of those things, it was downright dangerous.

You’d do well to survive it.

But here’s a situation where you’re better off being the beggar than the duke:

The duke thinks he’s pretty close to the top of the political food chain. Sure, he has to obey the king. And, honestly, he’ll do well to survive that too. But it’s not unusual for a duke to take the throne. In the meantime, he can enjoy all this wealth and power.


What if the beggar has the ear of the king?

I don’t know how this would come to pass. Maybe the beggar becomes a jester? Probably not, but it’s my hypothetical, so run with it.

The beggar has no real wealth, comfort or power.

Yet if the king listens to him, trusts him and respects him, he’s golden.

As long as the beggar can keep that up, the other dukes and whatnot can’t touch them – not without significant risk. They could hire an assassin, I guess, but if the king so much as suspects them…

Anyway, I’m hardly Robert Greene, so why am I talking about a law of power?

Because this is kind of what having a brain is like.

Many people see their consciousness as… well, not quite a king or queen. They don’t have full control over themselves. Their bodies and minds change in unpredictable, uncontrollable ways.

So, yeah, maybe a duke or duchess.

But that overestimates the power you have – by a long shot.

The truth of it is you’re much like a beggar. Your unconscious mind is billions of times the size of your conscious mind. Between tracking all of your sensory input, reading every aspect of your environment, running all your organs and organising all your thoughts, it couldn’t be any smaller than that.

At least it’s a good kingdom with a strong, wise and fair monarch.

And you can approach the powerful leader.

You can endear them to you.

With enough mutual trust, you can even ask favours of them.

This is the one true route to self-mastery: first admitting that you have none, then doing what you can to appeal to what does.

Apart from being billions of times bigger than you, (for a certain definition of “you”,) your unconscious also speaks a different language.

That’s how you can tell yourself to do one thing – like, say, wake up early to exercise – then not do that.

Monarchs have their own plans, it seems.

That’s okay. Learn to speak to your unconscious and you’ll be amazed what you can influence.

That’s the real power of hypnosis: bringing your conscious intentions into your unconscious awareness.

You might never be the king, but at least you can earn their ear.

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