Do you bet on chimps or humans?

Here’s a tale that’s sad on multiple levels:

In the early and mid-20th century, people used to wrestle chimps for fun. This would be part of a circus act or travelling carnival – young, burly men could pit themselves against a chimp for sport.

If you’ve ever seen a (non-human) primate in the wild, you’d bet on the ape. They are fast, strong and armed with teeth.

So they’d balance the odds a little.

The humans would be whoever was brave, strong and, let’s be honest, cruel enough to fight a chimp.

The chimp was muzzled, to stop them using their teeth.

And they’d wear gloves, to keep the gouging to a respectable limit.

Also… they’d use a juvenile chimp.

That evens the odds, right?

Not enough, apparently. Even with all these handicaps, you’d still bet on the chimp. They’d dismantle their human opponents in a few moments – sometimes with a single blow.

Oh, well – that’s less sad than humans beating up defenceless animals…

But this story has a wrinkle:

In a chimp versus a human, you bet on the chimp.

But in chimps versus humans, you get on the humans.

Generally, we humans like our furry cousins. Sure, some of us hunt them for sport and some are just jerks. For most folks, though, we agree they add a lot to the world. If they all died out, we’d all be poorer for it.

And yet…

Even with all the good will in the world, they are in danger of dying out. Not because we want to kill them but because our goals don’t align with theirs.

That, my pendos, is power – when you destroy something as an unintended side effect of pursuing your goals, you truly eclipse it.

There’s no mystery of where this power comes from.

Obviously not from our strength or natural weapons.

We’re smarter than them – and that’s all it takes.

The stranger part is where not that much smarter – and, in some cases, like memory, they outperform us.

The genetic differences between us are tiny… yet it’s enough to make us virtually gods compared to them.

What would boosting your intelligence by a couple of percent do?

Why not find out, right?

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