What’s much (much) better than motivational quotes?

What’s much (much) better than motivational quotes?

I know people who peddle in motivational quotes. They hunt them down, share them on Facebook and move onto the next one. Heck, I used to be like that with an old Twitter account. So I get the appeal of them, I really do.

But there’s a big ol’ problem with quote farming:

It has a way of becoming hollow and pointless.

You read a quote and something about it resonates with you. Maybe it’s clever and insightful. Maybe you’ve heard it before but now, in one moment where you stare at your screen, you truly get it.

So, being the generous person you are, you share it with everyone you know.

You look for another inspirational quote. Most are rather trite, so you keep digging. But you find a good one. Then another. You share these too.

The more you look, the emptier these quotes sound. And you start seeing the same quotes popping up again and again. Don’t those hacks know we’ve heard that one a thousand times before?

If you keep looking, you find a sea of decent motivational quotes amid a bigger sea of garbage.

(It’s so bad that you can’t even think of good metaphors for it.)

The harder you look, the harder it is to find an inspirational quote that’s…. well, inspiring.

And let me tell you why that is.

A good motivational quote might have a gram of wisdom in it. It might have just the right piece that you were looking for. You consider what it means and it completes something inside.

That’s the exception, though. It certainly isn’t the rule.

And if you think back on those great moments in your life where you felt inspired, you were probably doing one of two things.

You were either out there, living your life and working through challenges.


You were talking with someone. Having a conversation. A dialogue.

An inspirational quote is a tiny monologue. It takes human interaction truly improve. An exchange of ideas or perspectives is the best way to find a snippet of wisdom that inspires you.

That’s why there’s a community that’s all about changing our minds. We know that sharing wisdom is a two-way street. Sure, inspirational quotes have their place… as conversation starters. The real value comes from talking to real people.

So come check out our little den of inspiration-builders:


This community is no more. For cool bonuses, head on over to this page:

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