Even better than a revenge body

You might have heard of a revenge body.

The idea is, after a bad breakup, you diet hard and hit the gym. The goal is to look so good that your ex regrets losing you.

Is it healthy?

Eh, maybe. If that motivates you to get in shape, sure. If you push yourself past your limits out of spite, maybe not.

In the moment, though, the urge for revenge is more important than your mere well-being.

But spite alone can only get you so far anyway.

Forget a revenge body and aim to get a revenge mind.

This is where the good stuff is. If you ex sees you and you’re cooler, calmer, happier and having more of your manure together… now, that will drive them wild.

The best part is if you’re getting mentally healthy, then you’ll ditch spite pretty early on. You’ll find healthier ways to motivate yourself to become mentally healthier, forming a delightful feedback loop that’ll propel you to where you need to go.

This is your chance to be the bigger person… and to really rub their faces in it. I know, I know – the irony, right? But if that’s what it takes to get you started, that’s fine. You’ll move on from that and stopping caring what they think.

That, right there, is sweet revenge too.

How do you develop a revenge mind, though?

If you hit the search engines, I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of wonderful advice.

“Go out there and meet new people!”

“Get a new hobby!”

“Have some one-night stands, maybe even boink one of their relatives!”

All truly terrible advice. I’m not saying don’t do those things… well, except consider skipping that last one. But while they keep you from going stir-crazy, they won’t help you get over the breakup.

If a new hobby helps you more than a little and faster than slow, it’s a fluke.


Heartbreak Panacea is designed to get you over the breakup, the same way a great exercise regime is designed to get you in shape.

No messing about, no wasted movements – just pure, focused recovery.

That’s why you’ll get through the worst of your feelings in a few days or less.

Only, of course, if you channel all that twisted motivation you feel into positive action and grab your copy here:


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