Beware the mind vandals

You see it on hypnosis forums all the time:

Someone comes in, complaining that they watched some free hypnosis video and it messed them up.

That might mean they feel ‘on edge’ or ‘not themselves’ anymore.

It might mean their primal urges, to use a euphemism, have been… realigned.

These people, understandably, are eager for help.

While my heart goes out to them, imagine this:

Say you need some minor surgery on your kidney. You find someone called Docter Surferdude99… and, yes, ‘doctor’ is misspelled. They operate out of a dirty alleyway, with greasy rats running past. Their surgical equipment is kitchen knives and sewing needles.

Oh, but it’s not all bad – on the plus side, they’re free.

Want to book in your surgery now…?


Then why would you do the same thing to your mind?

It’s not hard to find high quality hypnosis videos on YouTube. The first step is to eliminate channels created by randos. Look for someone’s real name, real hypnosis business and real credentials.

If you find a channel by someone whose name would make a great Hotmail username, then assume – at best – they’re unqualified.

And at worst?

They’re a mind vandal – someone who likes messing with folks.

It’s a sad comment on human nature, maybe – but that’s life for you. If you don’t take even basic precautions with something as precious as your mind, then someone, somehow, is going to break you for their own amusement.

Be selective with whom you let into your unconscious.

If only this only mattered online…

The vast majority of folks with hypnosis (and hypnosis-adjacent, like NLP) training I’ve met have been incredible. I’d trust them with any issue and full access to my unconscious mind in a moment.

But ‘the vast majority’ doesn’t mean everyone.

I met someone who used a range of techniques – some from hypnosis, some from elsewhere in psychology – to degrade self-esteem in minutes. Everyone they talked to left feeling miserable and insecure… including me.

Yeah, I let my guard down when I shouldn’t have.

Scars won, lesson learned.

I also met a few folks who didn’t know what they were doing. They didn’t mean to wreck anyone’s psyche – in fact, they were trying to help them – but they were using techniques they didn’t understand.

When they put their own spin on them, they violated the principles that made them work.

What was supposed to be an ‘inner cleanse’ simply brought up a lot of muck for us to wallow in.

Your mind and your life are important. They’re more important than your house – yet would you let any old plumber in? Or only someone you trust – someone who has the skills and the right attitude?

It takes the best to bring out your best, so find the best hypnotist you can.

By the way…

The best antidote to bad hypnosis is good hypnosis.

Learning how to defend your mind begins with learning what trance feels like. Until you can spot it, how do you know you’re not hypnotised all the time?

And if it’s too late – if someone has gotten into your thoughts and under your skin – hypnosis is a powerful tool for getting them out.

If you need either prevention or restoration, let’s talk:

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