Beyond a breakfast of champions

Beyond a breakfast of champions

Are you looking for the perfect start to your day? Having a ‘breakfast of champions’ – whatever that means to you – might help.

That could be a bowl of cereal, some fruit with yogurt, herbal tea… or more interesting things like shots of apple cider vinegar.

That’s up to you and your digestive system to figure out.

But if you want to really kickstart your morning, you might want to go beyond a decent breakfast.

For example, you could work in a little exercise, some breathwork or a cold shower.

(I aim for all three and usually get two of them.)

One thing that’ll really round out your morning routine, though, is a humble 20 minutes of meditation.

Your body and mind need their chance to rest after a long night’s sleep.

Because sleep is restful, sure… but it’s also hard work. Your mind and body work hard to clear the gunk from your brain, process your thoughts, nourish your bones and repair your muscles.

Like warming up before exercising, it helps to warm up before diving into your waking life.

Meditation is a great way to do that.

You don’t have to be fancy about it – at that time of day, who has time to get complicated?

Luckily my meditation book is full of unfancy meditation exercises, principles and philosophies.

One doesn’t work for you? Move on to another and try it again later.

Here’s the link to the book:

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