Go beyond mindfulness by listening to a poor meditator

Go beyond mindfulness by listening to a poor meditator

I have a Google alert for the word “meditation”. Ninety percent of it is boring, basic advice on how to get started. Nine percent is someone describing a book or painting as a meditation about something. The remaining 1% is something new and surprising.

There’s a ton of advice on how to use mindfulness at work, at play, at school, while shopping, while drinking beer…

Here’s the thing. Mindfulness is great, it improves just about everything and it’s an important mental skill.

But that’s where meditation begins, not where it ends.

Where are the guides telling you how to go further with it? Because you can go further. That’s why there are week-long meditation retreats. Or you could always become a monk and train full time in this.

Most books and articles focus on the basics, probably because they’re the easiest to describe. If you’re not already a decent meditator, advanced meditation concepts sound like gibberish. Books like this alienate most of their audience.

Seriously – give some of these books a read. Most are trippy, confusing messes that make strange references to quantum physics or imaginary bodily organs. And yet they make sense if you meditate. It seems meditators can only describe meditation to other meditators.

Unless you’re me. Then you can get your point across without going off the rails.

Partly because I’m a decent writer.

Partly because I like breaking down ephemeral things into usable steps.

Mostly because I’m not an advanced meditator. Honestly, I’m better than most, but on a global scale, I might be average. Most of what I know comes from hypnosis and mental experimentation. Oh, and carefully observing people who have figured it all out.

I know what to do and how to do it. I’m simply still working on it.

And that gives me the advantage – I’m not so far gone that I talk about meditation as if it’s a journey through another dimension. I can take you through and beyond mindfulness, no matter where you are in your training.

Would you rather hear from an amazing meditator, or someone good enough you could understand?

Your choice, my friend:


Photo by Abhishek Gupta on Unsplash

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