The thing you have that billions of folk would kill for

I’m going to share some information with you. But, at simply an information level, it doesn’t tell you anything new. Intellectually, you know this.

Just as I knew this when I went to bed one night.

When I woke up, though?

In that strange place between sleep and waking, I had an epiphany. I went beyond knowing this as a fact and I felt it in my bones.

And this transformed my gratitude practice from the inside out.

Because there’s something you have that you don’t often think about.

Something billions of folk would kill for, if killing would get it for them.

(It won’t.)

Yet it’s not something you give much thought.

And what is this treasure beyond reckoning?

It’s simple – but don’t let this simplicity distract you. Because if you didn’t have this, you’d probably do anything to get it.

And that’s more time.

Billions of folk have lived and then run out of time. But you haven’t. I don’t know how much time you have left. Maybe you have an inkling, maybe that’s a mystery to you.

But you have at least enough time to process this thought.

Or maybe not even that long. There are no guarantees.

Whether you have a few moments or centuries left on the clock, it’s worth appreciating. Like I say, billions of people have run out of time. And they all could have used more of it, either at the end or during their life.

You have what they, at some stage, craved more than anything.

Yet why is it so hard to be grateful for such a momentous gift?

I don’t know. It was for me, until it clicked.

Maybe you’ll find it easier to appreciate the hours, minutes and seconds.

If you’d like a little help, though?

There are currently hypnotic guided meditations about this on my website. All you need to do is to sit and listen, and let your mind open to new ways of thinking.

And new ways of appreciating.

It won’t cost you anything – unless you choose to donate, that is.

But I’d hurry. I’m making changes to my site soon – extremely soon, probably – and I don’t know whether that will stay or go.

Either way, it’s worth grabbing now.

Here’s the link:

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