Why bingeing YouTube depletes your mind

If your days don’t have much going on – work, TV, sleep – but you still feel tired, here’s a possible cause.

It’s one of many, I’m sure you realise.

Because here’s something else you may have noticed:

Watching, say, six videos on YouTube is strangely tiring. Whether or not it takes a long time, it can leave you drained.

I know, I know, I can already hear the snarky comments. “I ran 10km this morning – but, yeah, that sounds tough too.”

Who says anything about it being tough? It takes a surprising amount of energy, is all – especially for just sitting there on your rear for half an hour or so.

Watching videos isn’t quite relaxing and isn’t quite stimulating. It’s a quirky mix of the two – a twilight netherverse of mental effort without mental engagement.

But what makes a solid YouTube session so much worse?

You might think it’s the frequent change of context. When you jump from one video to another, your brain has to shift gears and reorient to the new context.

That’s probably part of it.

The bigger thing, though, is deciding on those six videos.

YouTube’s homepage and sidebars crawl with recommendations. Each one you see, you run a quick mental check against.

Is it worth watching at all?

Is it worth watching right now?

And so on.

Making a decision is easy. You do it every day. It still depletes your mental energy a little. When you make so many decisions in such a short period, it can add up and take it out of you.

This isn’t the full story. I doubt it’s even close.

But it’s probably a key factor.

Is there a lesson in this – a tactic to help you live a better life?

Sure – the most solid one is stop watching YouTube videos. Get off the other apps where you do this too – dating apps, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the rest are nothing but a series of meaningless (but still costly) decisions.

You know that’s the right move anyway.

Something else you can do is to refresh and reset your mind.

Hmm, if only there was something called a Neural Reset, which was like flushing out all the psychological gunk in your brain, giving it a chance to rest before restoring it to a bright and shiny state of mind.

Ahh, that’s right, I created exactly that.

If you want to see how much energy you can free up and enjoy, book in a session now:


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