Bite the Hand That Feeds You

When you follow your dreams, one thing is certain: the life you used to live is over. Your future doesn’t fit the pattern that it used to. Everything becomes fresh, which is another way of saying that everything is uncertain.

Uncertainty is great. Chaos is just another word for opportunity, when you approach it with the right state of mind. The old comforts fade away. What replaces them is something much better.

It’s not easy. There’ll be pressure from within and without to go back to what was familiar. Don’t listen. Once you know your mission, your pre-purpose life holds no value to you anymore. Take what you need from it and discard what weighed you down. Don’t be seduced by the shiny trinkets in your past. They’re shackles.

As you venture forth, you’ll rely more on your unconscious mind. The conscious mind likes routines, patterns and certainty. You are trading all of those in. You’re getting a great deal for them, though. This does mean you should trust your unconscious more. I recommend meditation or, even better, self-hypnosis. Anything that brings you more in touch with your unconscious mind – the part of you that knows your values and purpose – will help you.

Defy conventional wisdom. You’re defying convention, after all, so how would its wisdom help you?

Bite the hand that feeds you. This is your new life and you’re in charge. A well-paying job traps you by making you dependent. Manipulative people toy with your emotions until you crave their approval. Even people who mean well can make you dependent on them. Break free and let the chips fall where they may.

Leap before you look. When you trust your inner mind, you can handle anything. This is not a license to be stupid. Have contingencies. But stop waiting for the right time. It’s a myth. It took a lot of skill and genius to listen to everyone else, follow the wrong advice and be trapped by a life you didn’t want.

I know that sounds sarcastic, but it’s true – the world’s smartest chimp is too dumb to do what you did. That’s what makes it so hard to escape. The walls of your prison are infused with your hard work and intelligence. That’s why it takes so much more to escape.

Look gift horses in whatever body parts you want. Assess opportunities. Only follow those that align with your purpose and energise you. Having fallen astray once, it’s easy to do it again. On the other hand, having fallen astray once, you know what to avoid next time. So avoid it!

The biggest changes in life aren’t moving houses or getting married. They are changing from drifting through life to finding your reason for living. You could move across continents and still live the same life, just as you can change everything from your living room.

So expect big changes. Anticipate radical differences. You will need to surprise yourself in order to make this work. The good news is that, with the energy your mission gives, that’s easy. You fly in the face on conventional wisdom so hard that it’ll make onlookers’ heads spin. Your head, though, will remain locked on your destination. Forget what you know because you’re living by new rules now.

Your unconscious mind got you this far. Stay with it and it will stay with you. Check in with yourself to ensure you stay on track. You’re on the verge of something incredible – don’t get sloppy now.

Learn how to turn your gaze inwards. Everything else in your line of sight is a distraction.

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