Your body’s mechanism for enhancing your health

Your body’s mechanism for enhancing your health

There’s a principle in medicine that applies to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re healthy or not. It doesn’t matter whether you have a genetic condition, an old injury, a nasty infection… or if you’re in the prime of your life.

This principle underlies modern medicine and alternative medicine (at least, the ones that work). Every doctor and healer by other names knows this to be true.

It’s the cause of more healing than anything else on the planet. It does contradictory things, like boost your immune system or restrain it, to improve your wellbeing.

And when you understand it, you can use to keep yourself safe, healthy and full of energy.

Are you ready to hear what it is?

In scientific terms, your body is amazing.

It is truly, genuinely amazing.

You’re alive in a world full of things that can kill you. Injuries and infections lurk at every corner. And yet here you are.

Genetics have not changed much in the last 100,000 years. You have the same basic structure as your hunter-gatherer ancestors. They had to fight, hunt and forage for every scrap.

There were no tools except what they could make. There were no medicines except what they could gather.

In this world, they survived for decades. They laughed, wept, found love, raised families. Many of them lived full, rich lives in a world with rival tribes, terrible predators and diseases that could infect a simple scratch.

Their bodies – your body – kept them alive and well, against the odds.

Your body is amazing.

This is the principle: no medicine of any kind heals you. All it does is restore balance and remove obstacles enough for the body to heal itself.

Modern medicine knows this. The body does all the work – all doctors need to do is interfere occasionally to set it on the right track. There’s nothing in a hospital that tells cells to repair a cut. Nothing, that is, except the patients.

Your body constantly heals itself. Every day, you wear yourself down. Every day, you build yourself back up. This balance can keep you alive and vibrant for decades.

But there’s only so much energy to go around.

If you perceive a threat, you need to act now – maintenance can wait. If you put the wrong foods into your body, there’s less of what the repair mechanisms need. Without sleep, rest and downtime, the balance tips away from health’s favour.

Meditation gives your body time to do what it needs to.

It calms the system, freeing resources to go where they’re needed.

Your mind strengthens, steering you towards better habits.

And it brings your awareness to what your body says it needs.

This is how meditation helps you stay healthy. It does little directly to fight off infections or repair damage. Indirectly, though, it liberates your precious resources from being squandered on the wrong things.

Your body and mind are a team. Teamwork best when both parties show up.

Self-hypnosis has the same result. By putting you in a relaxed trance and resolving unconscious issues, it gives you what you need to be your best.

It goes even deeper, too. Some self-hypnotists navigate their minds to find places of healing. This taps into the same reserves as the placebo effect, only this is conscious and deliberate.


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