Why settle for a bona fide problem slayer?

Here’s a weird situation to be in:

I was going to talk about how my Monster Mind Edukaré program – currently available at an oozingly generous discount – is great for slaying problems.

After all, one of the modules (out of 19) is the Problem Slayer.

These problems could be anything, from “I often crave junk food” to “my job makes me sad and anxious”. To a thousand other things – dealing with anger, removing creative blocks, destroying excuses…

It’s perfect for anything where you think, feel or do one thing, when you want something else.

It won’t change your physical circumstances, but it does change how you think about them.

And if you want something to change, that’s always the first step.

Here’s where it gets weird, though. When I was looking over everything Monster Mind Edukaré includes, I realised there was a second easy way to slay problems inside it. The Hack Your Hands module teaches a different (and equally quick and effective) way to destroy problems from inside out too.

Why settle for a problem slayer when you can have two of them?

It’s strange. I’m offering so much value that I’m losing track of it all.

(Now I wonder if there’s a third way that’s just as easy and powerful to use, buried in there somewhere…)

Oh well. I’m a fan of having quality problems like this.

The other kind, I prefer to slay.

If you’d like to bloody your sword with your mental enemies, then you’d better get a wriggle on, pendo. Time is running out on that discount.

Here’s the bountiful link:


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