How many books can a bookworm learn if a bookworm could learn books?

How many books can a bookworm learn if a bookworm could learn books?

I’m grateful to live in a time and place where I can say ‘it’s easy to read books’. That’s not true of everywhere and most of human history was full of illiterate masses.

But I can say it, so I will:

It’s easy to read books.

But it sure is hard to learn from them.

I’m not saying you can’t – that’d be madness. I have learned from books. Then again, I’ve read books and absorbed none of it. And I’ve read tweets that changed my life.

A five minute conversation with the author would tell you more than re-reading a book for the third time.

Reading is inefficient at best.

Unless, of course, you read the right way.

I’m not talking about speed reading, skimming or constructing a memory palace as you go. Those can help you… or they can distract you.

I’m talking about opening your mind.

About entering a state of awareness where you absorb and connect everything.

When you’re inspired by the subject, the author and what it means for you, this state is easy to enter. It’s inevitable.

Other times, it’s like bullying your brain into concentrating.

You can enter that ideal learning state quickly and easily. Your brain wants to learn and holds vast reservoirs of curiosity, genius, creativity, memory and inspiration. Tap into that and you’ll absorb everything you read, process it and integrate what you need into your worldview.

You can get there by doing nothing trickier than listening and focusing.

Listening to what and focusing on what?

Why, my Accelerated Learning System, of course.

Let it open your mind to its perfect learning state now:

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