Borrow someone else’s discipline

You probably know someone who genuinely enjoys working out.

They’re up early and hitting the gym before work.

They play sports and exercise to blow off steam.

If you felt the same way, getting fitter, healthier, more attractive and more energetic would be easy.

Wanting to like something isn’t the same as liking it, though. That’s why I designed Drill 2.2 in Motion Mind. It’s part of a process to take someone else’s joy – the thrill they feel when they work their body – and borrow it for yourself.

Forcing yourself to like something is tough.

Watching someone else enjoy something is easy. That’s why so many parents have fun doing goofy things – their child likes it and their joy is contagious.

You already can borrow someone else’s joy – don’t worry, they won’t miss it.

And with this simple hypnotic exercise, you can lock it into your own mind… permanently.

That’s one of the Three Ways.

The other two?

Well, you’ll have to read all about them here:

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