What do you mean, “brains can’t separate reality from imagination”?

What do you mean, “brains can’t separate reality from imagination”?

If you’re into positive thinking, psychology or related fields, you’ve probably come across this line before:

“Imagine what you want to happen, because your brain can’t distinguish your imagination from reality.”

Now, I’m not going to call BS on that. There’s truth to it. If you imagine a lemon wedge, with the rough peel on one side and the squishy flesh on the other… that sweet and acrid smell filling your nose… the strange pulpy grooves running down the sides…

… then you imagine talking a big bite of it…

… your mouth will water. If your imagination is strong enough, you’ll even shudder.

Either way, your brain confused reality and fantasy for a moment there.


Well, you can distinguish what’s real from what’s not. You’re not confused by daydreams where you’re suddenly whisked back in time or somewhere impossible.

There are clear and obvious moments where you recognise what’s in your head isn’t real. You know not every TV show is a documentary.


What’s happening, exactly?

It’s wrong to say that ‘your brain’ can’t sort fact from fiction. I mean, something must be. If not your brain, then what – your liver?

But it’s also wrong to say every part of your brain can do it. Some parts of you – some deep, fundamental, raw and powerful parts – believe every thought you think.

Your conscious mind keeps this part from believing harmful lies. It’s a bouncer at the door to your mind, looking to keep those dumb ideas away from your suggestible self.

It can be a little overenthusiastic, though.

Plenty of fantastic ideas – eat less, laugh more, be confident – don’t always make it through either.

You can’t fix this by thinking about it, any more than a saw can cut itself in half.  With the right tools, though, it becomes a lot easier.

How can you open your suggestibility to useful ideas, while keeping bad ideas out?

It’s easy when you use the mind’s tool for bypassing the bouncer: the trance state.

And you can experience the trance state now with the 8P System. I could charge $49 for this collection of hypnosis audios, but it’s my gift to you at this link right here:


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