Break in case of heartbreak

Sometimes, when a relationship ends, you can see it coming.

Sometimes, you can’t.

I’m not sure which is worse, to be honest. The slow creeping realisation that your life is about to change painfully? Or having it leap out of nowhere?

Let’s not answer that. What could you gain from comparing one kind of pain to another?

Instead, let’s talk about more practical matters.

When a relationship ends, there are a whole set of questions you need to answer first. Do you need somewhere to sleep, being the obvious one.

Once you’ve handled that, there are the emotional things to consider.

How you handle those, in that moment, determines how bad things will get over the next few days, weeks, months, maybe even years.

If you mishandle these, it’s not like your doomed or anything. It’s just the road back to happiness will take you a lot longer.

That’s why Heartbreak Panacea is so important to own. You can short-circuit most of the discomfort based on how you handle the first 12 hours.

However far you’ve come, you can short-circuit most of what’s left, too.

You can begin the first lessons minutes from now – perfect for when you’re still struggling to process what’s happened.

Here’s how:

P.S. To celebrate the launch, use code HEARTBREAK during April 2021 to get 25% off the price.

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