Breaking my word to give you a better deal

When I created Monster Mind Edukaré, I made myself a few promises.

Limit the discounts. It’s full of value, so don’t undervalue it.

Resist the urge to jump on bandwagons.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing.


Promises go out the window in the face of disaster. In these trying times, I’m more interested in helping you than sticking to these rules.

And help you, I can.

The coronavirus panic is causing a lot of problems. Even if you never catch it, you have to deal with a lot.

Quarantines, self-imposed or otherwise.

Businesses shutting down.

Customers avoiding you like the… well, you know.

Shortages of basic goods.

Financial uncertainty.

Uncertainty about everything.

Sources of fun, learning, relaxation and revenue being closed down for who knows how long.

And maybe you’re not allowed to go outside and talk to people.

It’s tough – and it’s following on from a bad bushfire season here in Australia.

How can I help with all this?

Well, I can’t shield you from disease, restore your customers’ confidence or fix a broken economy.

But I can help you invest in yourself.

If you find yourself with more time and less money…

Or you want to regain control – of your mind, at least…

Or you simply want to double down on your growth while everyone else is in panic mode…

… the my premium mind training product has never been more useful to you.

I’m offering everything Monster Mind Edukaré does – all 19 modules of mind sharpening goodness – plus the following extras:

  • An absurdly generous discount – saving you $100,
  • A complimentary copy of Three-Score Navike, to help you stabilise your life immediately,
  • A guide to reconnecting with nature, even when you’re stuck inside,
  • A handy alternative to meditation for training your focus and calming your body,
  • An exclusive podcast on how to handle the anxiety, lack of control, financial stress and social stress of self-isolation. Even if you’re not quarantining yourself, if enough other people do it, it makes everything in life harder. Here’s how to endure that.

These bonuses disappear at Saturday morning, 0800 AEDT (GMT+11). That’s Friday night for most of the world, because time zones are fun like that. If you’re prone to procrastination, don’t leave it til the last minute only to find you’ve done the conversion wrong. Get moving, sooner rather than later.

Here’s the link:

P.S. Anyone who already owns Edukaré can enjoy these bonuses too. Simply log on to the owner’s page and download them before the deadline.

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