What Bruno Mars can teach you about meditation

What Bruno Mars can teach you about meditation

I don’t know if Bruno Mars meditates. It’s trendy enough among celebrities that it’s possible – likely, even. What’s less likely is him being a meditation coach of any kind.

That’s okay, though. He can still teach you a lot about it.

See, here’s the thing about his music. His songs play into a common male fantasy – a variant on the damsel in distress routine. He always seems to be serenading a shockingly beautiful woman who thinks she’s average. She’s a supermodel girl-next-door who doesn’t see her own beauty, until he teaches her how.

It’s not the worst pain out there, but not seeing how amazing you are cuts deep.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it…

What’s the appeal, though? Why do we want to save other people?

Is it because we’re amazing altruists?

Well, that’s part of it. Altruism feels good. And one of the reasons is, ultimately, other people are us. When we save others, we save ourselves.

It reminds us maybe we, too, can be saved by us.

That’s the real fantasy behind all others – there’s hope for us yet.

You can save others and you can save yourself. All you have to do is clear your mind of distractions and thoughts that don’t serve you.

It’s easy…


I don’t know about that. But if you want something that makes it easier, keep reading:


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