Solving problems with both bucks and batarangs

I like Batman. And I like the stories that explore how much Bruce Wayne needs Batman.

Is dressing up and punching people the best way to stop crime?

Maybe, maybe not.

But he’s addicted to it.

He needs Batman just as thoroughly as Gotham does.

And yet… how often does Batman need Bruce Wayne?

Being a rich, famous playboy gets you into places. And, while no one underestimates Batman, everyone underestimates ol’ Bruce…

But he’s not really a playboy, of course. That’s just another mask he wears.

How many masks do you have, pendo?

Probably fewer than you need.

What if you could step inside the skin of whoever you needed to be?

The perfect entrepreneur.

The perfect friend.

The perfect lover.

You can become whoever you want, right whenever you needed it.

The Hall of Heroes (module 18 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré) creates a place in your mind where you can store and retrieve these alter egos, sliding between them in seconds.

How much easier and more fulfilling will your life be when you’re always perfect for it?

It’s towards the end because it takes a lot to do this.

But Bruce Wayne didn’t become the Dark Knight without a lot of training too…

Use your nearest Bat-computer to check out this link:

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