How to bypass meditation roadblocks

How to bypass meditation roadblocks

Take a typical meditation class. If you expect the same people to show up on the last day as the first, you’ll be disappointed.

Some of the learners will bounce straight away. They’ll feel awkward, stupid or embarrassed for even considering meditation. After turning up once, they’ll say it’s not for them and never come back.

People who show up for the second class aren’t out of the danger zone. Some will come back a few times. Maybe they improve a little. Maybe they think they haven’t improved at all. Either way, they haul their butts off the comfy cushions, never to grace them again.

Others stick with it for a while, get bored and give up. Just like they give up on everything else.

A small cohort knows what meditation can do for them. They put the work in. Some days they struggle, and they know that’s part of the process. They turn up early, ask questions and practice during the week.

These people will stick around… right?

Except some get distracted from the practice by personal drama.

And others start to improve… and that scares them. Maybe they’re not truly ready to leave their problems. Or maybe they realise that they could have overcome their issues years ago and that freaks them out.

They disappear from the classes without a trace.

Years pass. This isn’t a meditation class anymore. It’s a community. You celebrate each other’s birthdays and babysit their kids. If someone thinks about dropping out, they realise how much they’ll miss everyone. They haul themselves to class, even when they’re sick, tired or busy.

Even so…

Some of the learners approach an enormous personal revelation. They are about to free themselves from decades-old baggage and live at the next level. But they don’t know how to complete the transformation. They trap themselves by mistake, freak out and stop turning up.

Meditation is serious business.

What all these people needed was the right help at the right time. They did the smart thing by going to a class, but they didn’t hear the answers they needed.

What they needed was a guide – something that helps every single one of these people. A guide that explains technical points for beginners and advanced concepts for old hands.

A book that not only explains how to meditate, but how to get the benefits of meditation.

And what to do when (not if) things start going wrong.

What everyone in that class needs is a guide like this:

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