A call to arm’s length

So you can’t go outside.

So you can’t do what you normally do.

Or if you do, you have to keep everyone at arm’s length.

Physically, for sure. And for some of you, metaphorically. It’s easy to close off when it seems like the world is closing off first.

You don’t have to, though.

You can (re)connect with other folk.

Or (re)connect with yourself.

You can train, grow and become someone new.

This could be your call to arms – the moment you break through whatever is holding you back. If you have time and money – which, I know, that doesn’t apply to all of you – then you can invest both in your own development.

You can overcome anxiety.

You can quit smoking (because what better time than now?)

Or, instead of looking for things to shed, how about finding something to build? High performance is a mental game, a matter of attitude and focus as much as skill and talent. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – coaching and hypnosis can help you do it better.

Of course, you probably know that already – that the right person can take you from where you are to where you need to be.

But, to read your cynical-but-justifiably-so thinking, that doesn’t mean that person is me.

That’s why I put my qualifications on my website, which I’ll link to in a sec.

I could point to the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent, learning from the best in the world, having travelled around the world four times in the last few years.

I could point to the hundreds of hours I’ve spent, working with real folk to solve real problems.

That just means I have the skills.

My favourite qualification on there?

A genuine, fanatical, intense desire to introduce you to your best self.

Because what good are skills without a strong urge to use them?

I want to work with you. Not for the money, not for fame, simply because this is the best use of my time and talents. I want you to succeed, to become stronger, because that’s always what the world needs more of.

Aren’t you ready to start making a bigger impact? Or, at least, living just that little bit freer?

All right, enough talk. It’s time for action – like, say, following this link:


P.S. I now offer sessions online. If you’d prefer (or you have to) remain indoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t still see me.

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