The “I can’t meditate!” meditation technique

Some of you are already seasoned meditation pros.

Others have no interest in it.

But some – and dare I wager, ‘many’ – of you struggled with it.

I get it. When I first started meditating as a teenager, it came easily to me. When I came back to it, a decade or so later, it was hard.

It felt so right at times… yet so unnatural.

My mind wanted to wander immediately.

And the more I tried to focus, the more my consciousness slipped away.


Now, I meditate and use self-hypnosis so much I literally crave it. If I go too long without it, the urge to slip into a trance rises when I’m bored.

I had to figure out a lot of stuff to get here.

So when you say “I can’t meditate” and I say I can help you, I mean it.

Here’s a handy technique:

For most of you, the problem comes when your mind won’t play ball. You want to focus but distractions creep into your mind.


Past experiences, recent and old.


Tasks you’ve been neglecting.

Physical sensations, like maybe a twingy back.

And, of course, the ol’ “I’m doing such a great job meditating right now. I can’t wait to brag to the people at the office about this. Especially to Alex – there’s only so much smugness I can take. You know, I should quit and buy a bar. What would I name it…?”

Or the variation on the above where, instead of patting yourself on the back, you yell at yourself for failing to concentrate.

All of these are distractions, no question.

But none of these are failures.

Sure, you set out to focus on your breath and now you’re so far along a train of thought, you can’t see the station anymore.

And that’s fine.

No law says you have to focus on your breathing… so why not focus on your distraction?

As long as you do it mindfully, you’re golden.

That’s my free tip to you… that’s easier said than done.

Want to enter a meditative trance in a way that’s easier done than not done?

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