When you can’t rely on the government…

The government seems almost like a force of nature. Always fickle but always there. And then – suddenly – it’s not. Parts of the unstoppable machinery grind to a halt. The government lets you down.

These can be scary moments. When your livelihood depends on the government, it’s a shock to remember that you can’t rely on the land’s greatest authority. If you enjoy or need vital services, how can you feel safe when petty politics can wipe out your program or job?

It’s not good. The way that politics can consume all good intentions – it’s not good.

But there is one thing that is undeniably good.

Governments have existed for as long as we’ve been social animals. Originally, it was the pack with its alpha. The alpha clawed their way – often literally – to the top. They fought rivals to the position and enemies of the pack. They led the group. Through numbers and coordination, the pack endured.

Then came the tribe. The biggest and the baddest became chieftains. Only now, there were ceremonies and rituals to reinforce the pecking order. You couldn’t just kill the chief in his sleep – you had to earn the blessing of the land spirits by facing him in combat.

When chieftains realised they could rule thousands, they kept power within their families and called themselves kings and queens. They ruled thanks to divine blessing, steel and bouts of enlightenment or genocide.

Then came republics that sought to distribute power among the influential. Genocides slowed and schemes blossomed.

And through all of this, there has been one undeniably good thing:


No matter the ruler, no matter the society, the worthy individual has always endured. Always useful enough to keep around. Always a vital part of the kingdom, pack or nation. Power lies in the hands of the few but is always built by the common person.

This is your legacy: one of surviving whatever the powers-that-be inflict on you. For generations, humans have survived and thrived under distant leaders of all calibres. The storms that rock the world don’t knock you down for long.

No matter what happens today, tomorrow or next week, know this: the machinations of government are irrelevant. They used you to build the system and now they let you down. But that’s okay. That’s what they do, and this is what you do: you continue to thrive. Like an apple seed buried by dirt and muck, you will blossom.

And if you feel the need to believe in something, believe in yourself. If no institution is worth investing in, invest in yourself. It’s the surest bet and one that you can always rely on.

And the best of the best bets is Awakened Thought.

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