Captivate hypnosis clients with a glance (but not the way you think)

Captivate hypnosis clients with a glance (but not the way you think)

You probably know how to mesmerise people with a glance. The hypnotic gaze is a useful skill – one that many hypnotists rely on.

But what if they haven’t met you yet? If they’re still browsing the web, then you need to captivate them with their glance, not yours.

Because a glance is all they’re going to give your offer. If it doesn’t suck them in immediately, then they’ll move on.

This is the brutal truth of digital marketing.

A truth that you can use to your advantage.

Let clients ignore other websites and offers. When they fixate on yours, it’ll be all the more powerful for them.

And all the more profitable for you…

So, above all, make sure you get your headline right.

We talked earlier about the power of surprise. Being surprising will get someone’s attention – an important first step. But what happens then? What do you do with their attention, once you have it?

Well, what would keep you reading?

No doubt that a promise of something important would do the trick.

This is where knowing your clients helps. If you ask them what they want, they won’t tell you what you need to hear. They’ll tell you things like how they want to lose weight.

But, as we talked about, ‘LOSE WEIGHT NOW!’ will repel more than it attracts.

See, the thing is, that’s not what people want. There’s always a reason beyond the surface level. They might want to lose weight to have more energy, feel sexy, be healthier or to show the world how disciplined they are.

Each of these is a different desire, and you must treat them as such.

When you fuse desire with surprise, you get something that people can’t look away from.

For example:

Let’s say you want a headline for your hypnotic weight loss services. Most people think of weight loss as hard work, so you go for a surprise attack at write:

‘Lose Weight by Thinking Yourself Slim’

It’s not bad, for a rough draft. It’s crude, though it could work with some markets.

But if you want it to really sizzle, work their real desire into it:

‘Feel More Alive when you Think Yourself Slim’

‘Get Your Dream Figure by Thinking Yourself Slim’

‘Fight Disease by Thinking Yourself Slim’

‘Show Them Who’s Boss by Thinking Yourself Slim’

These still need some work – you might want keywords related to hypnosis, for example – but you can begin to feel the power these have. The more completely you capture their desires, the more completely you capture their attention.

It can be tough to surprise and captivate potential clients, while also keeping search engines happy. You might design the perfect headline, only to realise that common Google searches will ignore it.

There’s as much art as science to it, it’s true.

That’s why you can always leave it to an artist:

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