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Hypnosis’ first scientific setback

Franz Mesmer was a hypnotist so early to the field, they hadn’t even named it yet. He was an 18th Century doctor and astronomer – two unrelated disciplines, which he saw as connected. His view of the universe was that everything – living and… Continue Reading “Hypnosis’ first scientific setback”

Positivity is the weapon of choice

Isn’t it strange how much life rewards positivity? I don’t mean in the sense that the universe is waiting for us to smile. I mean in real, simple and common sense ways. Under the old corporate model, folk worked best when given a title,… Continue Reading “Positivity is the weapon of choice”

Druids, the Otherworld and hypnotherapy

I was researching Celtic healing practices the other day. It’s funny how folks blame Western culture for edging out all others, when Western culture was its own first victim. We’ve lost a lot of wisdom from these times. From what has survived, we see… Continue Reading “Druids, the Otherworld and hypnotherapy”

Enlightenment isn’t real (and how to achieve it)

If you listen to monks, scholars and philosophers taking about enlightenment, you’ll hear a huge range of opinions. Some folks say enlightenment isn’t real. Or maybe it’s a theoretically reachable state, but no human has managed that. Or maybe Buddha is the only one… Continue Reading “Enlightenment isn’t real (and how to achieve it)”

Conversations work backwards (and Zoom proves it)

If you’ve enjoyed (or not) more video teleconferencing than usual lately, you’ve probably heard someone say something like this: “Okay, so, I know this meeting is running a little long, so I won’t take up too much of your time, but I want to… Continue Reading “Conversations work backwards (and Zoom proves it)”

The reality show that was a blatant cult

Plenty of folks think hypnosis only happens on stage, in therapy offices or in strange hidden corners of the world. They don’t see how it happens every day. Now, part of the problem is some people say “everything is hypnosis!” while others say “nothing… Continue Reading “The reality show that was a blatant cult”

Courage isn’t what they say it is

You’ve probably heard the expression: Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s taking action despite that fear. On the one hand, that’s good advice. You shouldn’t use the presence of fear as an excuse to do nothing. On the other hand…?   If you… Continue Reading “Courage isn’t what they say it is”

The nasty side effects of mind training

Many people wonder if there are any side effects, consequences or negative reactions to hypnosis and meditation. Some people, including younger versions of me, would tell you absolutely not. Your mind only gives you what you’re able to deal with, I would have said.… Continue Reading “The nasty side effects of mind training”

A handy hand

Here’s today’s dumb question: What do your hands do? Or to put it more fancy-like, why did humans evolve our hands? It answer is simple: to manipulate our environment. … right? Well, that answer hides a lot of complexity. Sure, our hands are tools… Continue Reading “A handy hand”

Why physicists are bad at baseball

Trances are normal. They’re unusual deviations from your regular thinking, it’s true… but it happens all the time. And the reason why is your brain evolved to go into hypnosis. There are times when you know what to do. If you’re unlocking your front… Continue Reading “Why physicists are bad at baseball”


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