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Loving exercise is in your blood

You are a product of your environment – and your ancestors’ environment. Most animals like to laze around and conserve their energy when they get the chance. But when they need to move – to find food, to establish new territory, to fight off… Continue Reading “Loving exercise is in your blood”

Get fitter by sitting still

It’s easy to get fired up over a new workout routine. You think – this is it. This time you’re serious. You’ll stick to it, not matter what. But… If you have to force yourself to do it, eventually you’ll stop. You’ll ‘take a… Continue Reading “Get fitter by sitting still”

An unfit nerd’s guide to exercise

Why should you listen to me when it comes to exercise? I’m not the fittest guy out there. I mean, I’m only okay. Make me run and I’ll run, ask me to do Hindu squats and I’ll do them. But I don’t look the… Continue Reading “An unfit nerd’s guide to exercise”

The unnecessary Way

In my eBook – Motion Mind – I cover three hypnotic ways to learn to love exercise. (It’s right there in the subtitle.) It’s an extremely lean book – you can read this in one sitting. Doing the drills will take longer, but reading… Continue Reading “The unnecessary Way”

Rules in hypnosis are like rules in English

Spelling in English can be tricky. I’m sure you’ve heard the handy rhyme to help you remember this rule: I before E Except after C, Unless the sound’s “ay” Like “neighbour” or “sleigh”, Exceptions to these Include “science” and “seize”. Yikes. That’s not so… Continue Reading “Rules in hypnosis are like rules in English”

Take responsibility for your own programming

You might be surprised by how flexible – and programmable – your own preferences are. You can, for example, learn to love exercise. Even if you dislike it now. Even if you hate it. You can try all sorts of behavioural tricks. Things like… Continue Reading “Take responsibility for your own programming”

Pure nonsense, but based on data

Consider this short tale of woe. Scientist: “Driving isn’t without risks. In Australia, thousands of people die in traffic fatalities each year. Many more are injured. What makes it worse is that your reckless driving doesn’t just put you at risk – it compromises… Continue Reading “Pure nonsense, but based on data”

Is this even hypnosis?

It’s easy for many people to go from feeling demoralised to feeling determined. You may have to dig deep, grit your teeth and fire up, but you can do it. This can be useful. Heck, it’s how a lot of good comes into this… Continue Reading “Is this even hypnosis?”

The Triple Crossroads: 3… 2…

In The Triple Crossroads, I don’t just talk about your future – I give you real, effective, practice techniques to bring it to life. When you study it closely, you will learn: What to do when your life is okay, yet still boring, frustrating… Continue Reading “The Triple Crossroads: 3… 2…”

Master any field in 4 simple steps

I’m not mucking around here. If you want to learn the basics of any craft, you can find tutorials on YouTube. If you want all the satisfaction, glory and success that mastery brings, though? That’s harder to find. Books, courses, even a mentor can… Continue Reading “Master any field in 4 simple steps”


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