What every religion claims (and fails) to do for you

What every religion claims (and fails) to do for you

I’m not going to do the cliché thing here. I could talk about how Western medicine is incredible and lifesaving, which it is. I could then talk about how strange and unfortunate that Western civilisation neglects so much.

Our bodies might be healthy but our minds, communities and social ties are in disrepair.

If I really wanted to lay it on thick, I’d chuckle mournfully at the irony of our times. Social media was supposed to bring us together. Instead, we’re lonelier than ever.

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If offered financial security or freedom, choose both

If offered financial security or freedom, choose both

I like hanging out with entrepreneurs, either digitally or physically. They’re cool people. More than that, they’re my people. There’s an obvious parallel between personal development and building a business:

Continuous growth you’re never done with, all to make the word better.

(And if there happen to be rewards for you along the way, so be it.)

So it troubles me when I hear people say stuff that’s… well, wrong. Potentially dangerous too.

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Defy your teachers and think less

Defy your teachers and think less

What has thinking ever done for you? It fills your head with worries and dread. You fixate on old arguments you should have won and future dramas you’ll never face. It doesn’t make you happy and thought alone never paid the bills.

Thinking separates us form the animals.

It also leaves us neurotic and exhausted.

Your teachers told you to think, to use that brain of yours.

Meh, I doubt it got them very far either.

What’s better than thinking?

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How to turn off autopilot and slow down time

How to turn off autopilot and slow down time

Have you noticed how time seems to be speeding up? The older you get, the worse it seems. As a child, summer would last for what felt like years. As an adult, you blink and a month disappears. Case in point: 2018 is nearly over already.

But here’s the thing…

That’s not normal. Time is not supposed to seem like it’s slipping away from you. If everything in your life is balanced, time marches on at a steady, pleasant rhythm.

I’m not surprised so many people experience their life this way – bubbling away like vapour from a boiling pot. We’re on autopilot so much of the time. Wandering through our lives, drudging through the boring bits so we can distract ourselves with the fun bits…

Then you wake up and realise a year has disappeared.

Or a lifetime.

How much time have you already lost? All those dreams and ambitions – how many of them fell apart because time disappeared on you?

Any is too many.

Is it disappointing? Yes. Is it concerning? Absolutely. It’d be a sign of serious illness if it weren’t happening to almost everyone.

Is it too late to do anything about it?


You can turn the autopilot off. You can regain control of your mind and, with it, your time. With it, you can notice the details that’ll enrich your brain’s health and let you really be in the moment.

How, you ask?

I come bearing not one answer but two. Both are forms of mind training – not those cutesy games that don’t work, but genuine neural strengthening activities. And both are as old as civilisation… if not older.

I’m talking about hypnosis and meditation.

One might be more your speed than the other. That’s cool, whatever works for you right now. Either, or both, will sharpen your mind, make you present and dissolve the crusty gloop swirling around your thoughts.

One of the side effects is time will slow down for you. Not in an arduous way – it’ll be as if you’re noticing and appreciating each moment.

(Because you will be.)

The first step to begin your mind training and finally disable your autopilot is to go here. It’ll only take you a minute and won’t cost a cent. Even so, you’ll lay the foundations for a much, much healthier brain.

Don’t put it off – who knows what time will do in the meantime?

So head on over to this page to start learning:


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It’s perfect for starting out your mind training.

And if you’re stuck, struggling or unmotivated.

Honing your thoughts will be fun and natural once you read this – that’s my guarantee.

But it won’t be up forever. Sign up now because later is too late:


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Don’t repeat alchemy’s failure

Don’t repeat alchemy’s failure

The ancient Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang – the first of the Qin dynasty – wanted the secrets to immortality. Spoiler alert: seeing as how he died over 200 years before Christ, he didn’t quite get there.

Didn’t stop him from trying, though. He conquered an empire, uniting the warring states into what we’d call China.

Then turned it inside out, looking for something to prolong life.

Turns out he was better at conquering than chemistry, though. His court physicians/alchemists/quacks concocted what they hoped was an elixir of immortality. And they went a little heavy with the mercury, which is probably what killed him.

When I first heard this story, I remember thinking:

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How to be optimistic without being stupid

How to be optimistic without being stupid

Optimism makes you happier, healthier, more successful, more productive and a simply better person to be around. It also makes you wildly leap into the unknown, crashing and burning, and ending up sleeping on your annoying colleague’s couch.

With the right mindset, you could radiate confidence and resilience. You meet every obstacle head on and crush your rivals.

With an almost identical mindset?

You strive for something you’re not ready for. You commit yourself, your time, your reputation and your money on a fool’s errand.

The best you can hope for is to fail quietly. And not the good sort of failure entrepreneurs bang on about – the sort that wrecks you more than it teaches you.

Worst case?

Same thing only public. There’s no hiding the scars from this trainwreck.

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Benefit from my forgetfulness

I’m travelling and I forgot to schedule some posts. Oops! That means nothing today and tomorrow’s will be late.

Maybe even a day late.

I’ll make up the numbers. More posts next week to compensate for this dearth of articles.

(I only post once a day. There’s no excuse for this unbearable delay…)

Anyway, focusing on problems never helped anyone. Let’s focus on solutions.

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I’m not joking. This book might make my entire business model obsolete.

I wasn’t planning on releasing it this year.

And certainly not for free.

Ah well, screw it. Call it an early Christmas (or late Hanukkah) gift.

Only for email subscribers though, so sign up today. I don’t know when I’m sending this, so later might be too late.

Now, though?

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Watch me drunkenly refute my narcissism

Watch me drunkenly refute my narcissism

After writing about why guided meditations are a waste of time, I received this delightful comment on LinkedIn:

“I am guessing you are a narcissist… the whole “everyone should do what I think” mentality is all over this article.”

Oh, thank goodness! I haven’t been accused of narcissism in a long time. I was starting to think I was doing something wrong.

Anyway, I just spend the afternoon drinking with psychologists. Based on what I learned today while knocking back beer, I’m not a narcissist. I’m nothing more than your garden variety arrogant jerk.

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Why guided meditations aren’t worth listening to

Why guided meditations aren’t worth listening to

Let this be a riddle for you. There’s something like guided meditation only it’s better than it. No matter how you define “better,” this is it. It’s faster, more effective, easier and more versatile.

Oh, and it works with more people. This will help you even if you “can’t meditate.”

It’s so good I recommend you stop listening to guided meditations. You’re wasting your time compared to this.

Delete that Spotify playlist, uninstall your meditation app and focus on nothing else.

I’m not talking about visualisation, yoga or anything else trendy. All I’m talking about is something that truly works.

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Why you don’t hate anyone and you never have

Why you don’t hate anyone and you never have

I’ve been dabbling in metta meditation recently. I haven’t changed my opinion – also known as lovingkindness meditation, it remains one of the finest things you can do with your mind. The results you can get in just a few weeks are indescribable.

If you did nothing else – no self-hypnosis, no other meditation – you’d become a happier, healthier, amazing person in a few months.

I should know. After a recent revelation with it, I’ve felt pretty amazing.

The culmination of metta meditation is when you wish good things for your enemies. You certainly don’t start there. You practice expressing pure, selfless, benevolent kindness to people you like. When you can do that, you move onto strangers. Only then do you dip your toes in loving your enemies.

It’s a strange idea to many people, especially in the West. I don’t know why. It’s nothing Jesus didn’t also say, even as he was being executed.

I think it’s because people get the wrong idea with it.

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