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Time lapse of a communications disaster

If you take the weeks of pauses from between the messages, covid advice looks like this: We need to lockdown for three weeks to flatten the curve. Okay, actually, we need to lockdown until we develop vaccines. Okay, we’ve developed vaccines, but we can’t… Continue Reading “Time lapse of a communications disaster”

The wrong historical analogy

“Hey, maybe social media is extremely awful for young people?” People love a historical analogy. If they don’t say “OK Boomer” to this, they might say that this happens every generation. With me, people were certain that video games were rotting my generation’s brains… Continue Reading “The wrong historical analogy”

Solving the insomniac bibliophile’s dilemma

An unfortunate intersection of character traits: I’m naturally a night owl. I go to bed early enough and wake up the same way, but my natural inclination is to stay up late. When I get the chance to indulge in this, my best writing… Continue Reading “Solving the insomniac bibliophile’s dilemma”

The luxury of misery

If you were struggling back in 2019, I wouldn’t hold that against you. If you’re struggling now? Well, I don’t think anyone would hold that against you. You know what might help, though? Rethinking how you think about your thinking. Is misery a natural… Continue Reading “The luxury of misery”

Yes, hypnosis will work for you

Say someone comes to you with this: “I want to automate some of my budgeting. Can learning computer programming help with that?” You say that it can. “But what about if I want to automate my schedule? Will it help then?” Yes, yes it… Continue Reading “Yes, hypnosis will work for you”

Do you know how you’re being hypnotised?

I could take this article down a dark path. I could talk about how the media hypnotises you – and, depending on your politics, you can pretend I only mean CNN or FOX. Then I could bring up social media. Watch someone scrolling Facebook… Continue Reading “Do you know how you’re being hypnotised?”

If it’s in a dragon’s hoard, it must be good

It’s one of the great archetypes: A powerful dragon, radiating physical things like heat and smoke, abstract things like savagery and destruction. These great and dreaded wyrms have the means to destroy entire villages – even entire kingdoms. Defeating one is an act of… Continue Reading “If it’s in a dragon’s hoard, it must be good”

Joan of Arc’s much older husband

Overheard while near a game of trivia: “According to a survey, 12% of Americans believe Joan of Arc was married to whom?” I’ll admit that I chewed on that one and didn’t find the answer. But I could have guessed it. Because the answer… Continue Reading “Joan of Arc’s much older husband”

Use it or dechoose it

How do you manage your dark side? How do you handle your warped emotions, old scars, twisted desires and inner darkness? Not by fighting it. If there’s one thing the darkness does well, it’s fight. And not buy burying it, ignoring it and pretending… Continue Reading “Use it or dechoose it”

Humans will always tolerate evil

Imagine this, if you can stomach it: It’s 1940 and you’re high up in the British government. Maybe you’re even Churchill – congratulations, I guess? The Nazis have invaded your allies. Dunkirk is (rightly) hailed as a victory, but only in the sense that… Continue Reading “Humans will always tolerate evil”


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