Did I really just share the password to my brain?

Did I really just share the password to my brain?

I was reading a self-hypnosis Twitter account and something jumped out at me. They said, with training and experience, you can hypnotise yourself and enter a trance in as little as ten minutes.

Now, I agree with that. The first few times hypnotizing yourself can be slow. It’ll take time and patience to get it down to ten minutes. Self-hypnosis can be unreliable. It’s like anything else – it takes practice to become smooth and fast.

And, sure, ten minutes is a realistic benchmark.

Screw realism.

That tweet stood out for me because I enter the trance state much faster than that.

How fast?

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How to see through your own alternative facts

How to see through your own alternative facts

I like the smell of some cigarettes. Definitely not all – as much as I like smokers as people, the layer of noxious and obnoxious smoke makes me cringe. Some of them smell different from the others, though. Nice, even.

This came back to me the other day as I kept walking behind someone’s desk. Their thick, green jacket – draped over the back of the chair – hit me with a whiff every time I walked past.

It was lovely. I should have asked what brand he smoked, because it smelled classy (as opposed to toxic).

The funny thing is that I’m not a smoker. I never have been. I’ve maybe smoked 20 cigarettes in my life. My vices tend to be cheaper and less stinky.

So why am I waffling about my habits?

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Goal setting that actually works

Goal setting that actually works

You can sit around a table, pen in hand, as you start setting goals. You feel the excitement as you capture the plan. This is what your life will look like a month, a year, five or ten from now. Right now, in that moment, you’re unstoppable.

The problem is that it doesn’t last. Motivation fades. You can affirm, visualise and plan all you want – but it will evaporate. Finishing a project is darn satisfying. So is starting one. It’s that bog in the middle that gets you.

It doesn’t have to, though. After all, you achieve some of your goals. Sure, some are tiny and easy enough to smash out in an afternoon. Others aren’t and you achieved them anyway.

What makes a goal achievable?

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Can a hypnotist “take advantage” of a subject?

Can a hypnotist “take advantage” of a subject?

Let’s say you’re a hypnotist and you put someone in a deep trance. What can you do to them? Can you rob them? Hurt them? Get them to do crazy stuff for your own amusement?

Hypnosis makes someone more suggestible. Does that mean you can suggest that they want to give their wallet to you?

I know people who disagree with me. They say that hypnosis only works because you become more suggestible. They say hypnosis, like everything else, is just as easily a tool for good or evil.

Well, here’s the thing about that:

Hypnosis makes you suggestible, not stupid.

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Please steal from me

Please steal from me

I’m vain enough to monitor Guided Thought to see where the traffic comes from. Sure, sure, there are valid business reasons for that. I’d do it anyway – I like to see who likes me.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a tasty chunk of traffic from who-knows-where. Had someone mentioned me on a blog? Did they link to one of my products?

I snooped around on the source of these viewers… and it’s one great big article farm. One that I hadn’t submitted anything to (or even heard of).

Sure enough, there was one of my articles. It was identical, from the start of the headline to the final forward slash. Only it didn’t have my name as the author – again, it was “written” by someone I’ve never heard of.

(Submitted a mere four months after I wrote it.)

And that is bloody hilarious.

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I’m a horribly flawed person (but you don’t have to be)

I’m not perfect – not even close. Who is, right? But here’s the thing – I’m in the personal development niche. There’s pressure to hide my flaws, mistakes and failures. I’m “supposed” to present a shiny, happy, successful front to the world.

It wouldn’t make me happy to do that, so I won’t. Besides, you deserve honesty.

And I’m not about to humblebrag or anything. I could say all the ways I used to mess up, but no longer… thanks to self-hypnosis (which I would then follow with a plug for my self-hypnosis training guide).


What I’m about to say is all relevant now. These are my current issues – the ones I haven’t resolved yet.

All right, enough teasing. Let’s begin this autopsy.

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What’s much (much) better than motivational quotes?

What’s much (much) better than motivational quotes?

I know people who peddle in motivational quotes. They hunt them down, share them on Facebook and move onto the next one. Heck, I used to be like that with an old Twitter account. So I get the appeal of them, I really do.

But there’s a big ol’ problem with quote farming:

It has a way of becoming hollow and pointless.

You read a quote and something about it resonates with you. Maybe it’s clever and insightful. Maybe you’ve heard it before but now, in one moment where you stare at your screen, you truly get it.

So, being the generous person you are, you share it with everyone you know.

You look for another inspirational quote. Most are rather trite, so you keep digging. But you find a good one. Then another. You share these too.

The more you look, the emptier these quotes sound. And you start seeing the same quotes popping up again and again. Don’t those hacks know we’ve heard that one a thousand times before?

If you keep looking, you find a sea of decent motivational quotes amid a bigger sea of garbage.

(It’s so bad that you can’t even think of good metaphors for it.)

The harder you look, the harder it is to find an inspirational quote that’s…. well, inspiring.

And let me tell you why that is.

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What kind of idiot tells business professionals to play make-believe?

What kind of idiot tells business professionals to play make-believe?

This might be the dumbest thing I ever write. On the one hand, can it really be that bad if it’s good advice? On the other hand… yeah, no, this is really dumb.

And that’s excellent news. It means most people who read this won’t do it. If you do what I say here, you’ll be one of the chosen few who see dramatic improvements.

So, here it goes. This is the moment where I sacrifice my ego and dignity to share something amazing.

If you want to be a success in your sphere, then I officially recommend that you play make-believe.

“Oh, I get it,” some of you are thinking. “You’re talking about visualisations. Like how athletes imagine themselves at peak performance and winning championships. That’s not so bad.”

Ah, no, not quite.

Have you ever caught children dressing in their parents clothes, clomping around while pretending to visit the doctors? Or maybe they were in the garden, pretending to be kitty cats and fairies?

That’s playing make-believe.

And it might be what your career is missing.

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When the Law of Attraction fails for you

Why the Law of Attraction fails for you

The Law of Attraction is darn popular right now. It’s a belief that your thoughts dictate your reality, that being open to what you want draws it to you. Sometimes this is metaphoric – the openness lets you see more opportunities, for example. Some people mean it literally – a metaphysical process of moving energy around the universe.

I’ll let people decide that one on their own. A short article isn’t going to change your mind.

What I want to pay attention to is its hit rate. Some people swear by it. I’ve heard plenty of folk say that they found love, health and millions through it.

I’ve also heard people say it’s a ridiculous and awkward waste of time.

The truth is that both groups are right. Not every success story is a lie, and not every failed attempt was a lack of effort. It works for some people, but not others.

So what’s missing from the Law of Attraction?

Well, some experts on it think it needs more references to quantum physics.

No one knows why it works, so I won’t pretend to. It doesn’t matter. What’s much more useful is knowing how to make the most of it.

So let’s break it down:

It’s clear how your thoughts dictate your reality. Thoughts prompt action, and action changes your world.

But what thoughts?

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Get your ugly hypnosis content here

Get your ugly hypnosis content here

A journalist once asked the poet Carl Sandberg what the ugliest word in the English language is. Apparently he considered the question deeply, rolling it around in his mind. After a few moments, he said that the ugliest word is:


Well, I’m not going to argue. I’m many things, but I’m no poet.

So here we go.

I record ugly audios that’ll help everything from sleep to self-confidence. These hideous files use hypnosis to shift loose the blockages in your mind. With disciplined listening, they can transform everything from the convenience of your home or commute.

They are repulsively available to Awakened Thought subscribers, though.

The library of these disgusting hypnotic audios grows each month. Loyal subscribers can even request audios on specific topics. It’s the best way to ensure you get the most out of the subscription.

That’s not all, though. They also get vomit-inducing newsletters, full of practical tips, scientific research and words that subtly bypass whatever holds you back.

And they get horrendous bonuses – free gross material and disagreeable discount codes for other products. These discounts are great – they’re so good, most months pay for themselves.

It may be unpleasant to look at, but it can be yours within minutes.

All you need to do is read this soothing, pleasing on the eyes sales letter: