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Why does this scene from Jurassic Park come to my mind?

Jurassic Park – and I am, of course, talking about the original Spielberg masterpiece – is one memorable, iconic scene after the next. Forget the increasingly lazy sequels – the first is a piece of art. The other day, a scene from the movie… Continue Reading “Why does this scene from Jurassic Park come to my mind?”

What everyone gets wrong about the 10,000 hour rule

Ah, the 10,000 hour rule – one of my favourite things to watch people squabble over. On the one hand, you have folks treating it like some iron law. Or, at least, a promise. Put in 10,000 hours and you’ll become a genius! Then… Continue Reading “What everyone gets wrong about the 10,000 hour rule”

The hypnotic secrets of ‘Like a Prayer’

The debate is as old as the song itself. This classic by Madonna is about religion. No, wait, it’s really about sex. Actually, it’s about a hypnotic induction. … Really…? Hypnosis? Oh, yes. Listen to the verses – really listen to them – and… Continue Reading “The hypnotic secrets of ‘Like a Prayer’”

I would sacrifice justice in a heartbeat

Hypothetical situation: A despotic ruler has ruled a small nation for decades. During this time, she has committed – deliberately and at scale – every sort of atrocity you can think of. She has turned the country into a clear, unambiguous example of cruel… Continue Reading “I would sacrifice justice in a heartbeat”

Winter is here, price rise is coming

I’m about to make some changes to my business model. What does this mean for you? If you’re a current client, not much. Anyone on a current program will stay on that program, except for when they score a few upgrades as bonuses. I’ve… Continue Reading “Winter is here, price rise is coming”

An ever-lowering bar of intellect

I’ve seen a few variations of this meme in my time: It’s a post making fun of people who complain about not having enough time and money… after squandering all their time and money. Saying things like: “$100 for healthy groceries? Too expensive. $100… Continue Reading “An ever-lowering bar of intellect”

How social media creates that awful ‘stuck’ feeling

Many folks have felt stuck over the years. Stuck in bad relationships, stuck in dead-end jobs, stuck with debt, stuck with responsibilities… Then 2020 came along and people have been stuck in their homes, on and off, ever since. There’s another way many of… Continue Reading “How social media creates that awful ‘stuck’ feeling”

Literally the best possible discount

I’ve given all sorts of discounts in my time, but this one’s a doozy: Monster Mind Edukaré – my biggest, most intensive, most thorough and therefore most expensive product – has a tasty 100% discount going on right now. Yep, all 361 dollars of… Continue Reading “Literally the best possible discount”

I know I don’t need to explain this to you

Here’s a concept I’m sure you already grok: Facebook isn’t free. People say it is, but they’re wrong. They think that just because you can create an account without whipping out your credit card, that means it’s not costing you anything. As they say… Continue Reading “I know I don’t need to explain this to you”

Your problems are like ants

This analogy might be stretching it. Or it might be the most apt thing I’ve ever penned… We’ll see, won’t we? Let’s say you have ants in your kitchen. These aren’t the angry, bitey kind. They’re small, negligible, harmless. Most of the time, you… Continue Reading “Your problems are like ants”


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