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All you need to do is show up

Curious about what trance can do for you? Jealous of all the folks who can meditate deeply? I think I’m well overdue to invent a new holiday. Who knows – this one might exist already – but it’ll be new to me. Introducing… Trance… Continue Reading “All you need to do is show up”

Do you ever get the feeling a deadline is right behind you?

In the April issue of Phronesis Accelerator, you will learn: What on Earth I mean by ‘canaries’… and how it could change how you see all your problems, Five things you can do to turn your weaknesses into strengths, Why what most folks do… Continue Reading “Do you ever get the feeling a deadline is right behind you?”

The blood-curdling insult that’s the best loneliness cure

“…  I never really got how that’s an insult? They’re flexible, take a pounding, and they’re the reason behind, like, 98% of my life decisions.” Hughie (talking about a part of half the population’s anatomy) – The Boys ~ I’d never say this to… Continue Reading “The blood-curdling insult that’s the best loneliness cure”

Bad people make bad people (and dogs)

I’m not a dog owner. I still find Cesar Milan (“the Dog Whisperer”) to be worth reading. If you’re a bad person (in the sense of being bad at being a person, like “I’m a bad chef”) then it leads to bad dogs. Many… Continue Reading “Bad people make bad people (and dogs)”

The middle-ground between attack and retreat

You’re in a coal mine and the canary dies. What do you do? Charge deeper into the mine, your pickaxe raised above your head? That’d be noble if it weren’t so pointless. Drop everything, scream and run in a random direction? Only if the… Continue Reading “The middle-ground between attack and retreat”

Feeling good about feeling bad

I’ve said this elsewhere, but it pays to repeat it: When you fight yourself, you lose – no matter the outcome. In a coal mine, canaries are messengers. If you don’t like how they keep dying, then you’re not alone there. But if your… Continue Reading “Feeling good about feeling bad”

Let sleeping canaries lie

Some folks out there have harmed themselves through self-help. It’s not even rare. Toxic positivity – where you embrace ‘bliss!’ and ‘gratitude!’ at all costs – runs rampant on social media. There’s a huge difference between choosing to feel more grateful and choosing to… Continue Reading “Let sleeping canaries lie”

A different, weird, better, counterintuitive take on anxiety

Ahh, anxiety. It’s the emotional issue that plagued me most of my life. In fact, it still shows up sometimes – although ‘plague’ isn’t the right word anymore. It’s a canary in my coal mind. Or maybe a reverse canary? Because when it shows… Continue Reading “A different, weird, better, counterintuitive take on anxiety”

The canaries in your coal mind

Here’s a model that’ll clarify some of what you do – especially the stuff you don’t want to do. I’m not just talking about addictions, junk food cravings and how tough it can be to quit smoking – I’m talking about everything you do… Continue Reading “The canaries in your coal mind”

Hypocritical oafs

I’ll say it again – I’m not a recognised expert in many important fields. Nothing I say is, say, medical or psychological advice, nor should it be taken as such. I’m just a guy talking about things. But while I can’t offer formal advice… Continue Reading “Hypocritical oafs”


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