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Why, no, freelancers aren’t the answer

Tomorrow, we return to our regularly-scheduled ramblings about hypnosis. We’ll soon talk about ways to evolve your mind and, with it, your life. In the meantime, let’s talk about evolving your business. I know many coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers and consultants don’t want to learn… Continue Reading “Why, no, freelancers aren’t the answer”

The good problem I see in many hypno businesses

I like checking out the websites of coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers and consultants. It gets my brain working, since I view them through many lenses. As a hypnotist, I see what others are doing. As a self-development enthusiast, I like to check out what they… Continue Reading “The good problem I see in many hypno businesses”

How to spot or build a bad hypnosis website

Here’s something dual-purpose for you: If you’re one of those and wanting to attract clients, pay heed to these common problems. If you’re considering hiring a coach, hypnotherapist, trainer or consultant, you might find this useful too. Amateurish Only two types of people should… Continue Reading “How to spot or build a bad hypnosis website”

It’d be no fun if it were easy

Is it worth investing in digital marketing? Let’s assume, as we have all week, we’re talking about coaching, hypnotherapy, trainer or consultants here. It’s not fast. Maybe it is for you if you already have a large and enthusiastic following – like, say, an… Continue Reading “It’d be no fun if it were easy”

How an advertisement feels from the inside

I remember one lad who make for a useful case study. Useful for business owners, but also anyone looking to hire a coach, hypnotist, trainer or consultant. He was passionate about what he did. Obsessive, even. And through that passion and obsession, he had… Continue Reading “How an advertisement feels from the inside”

The alarming folks your ‘digital presence’ competes with

“Build it and they will come.” When it comes to your business, you can retire that truism. Build it and do nothing else, and no one will come. Well, maybe not no one. But that’s not a marketing strategy. If you want your business… Continue Reading “The alarming folks your ‘digital presence’ competes with”

Attract clients in your sleep

Many folks who sell transformation – coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers, consultants and the like – prefer to market themselves in person. It makes sense. They do what they do in person, so why wouldn’t the marketing live there too? If that works out, great. But… Continue Reading “Attract clients in your sleep”

Selling is hard when your job is persuasion

Talk about a rude awakening: I assumed that, thanks to my background in hypnotherapy, digital marketing would be easy. After all, I worked with clients to overcome their biggest challenges. I persuaded them to see themselves differently. Persuading them to sign up should be… Continue Reading “Selling is hard when your job is persuasion”

Marketing to the fearful (when we’re all afraid)

You’ve probably experienced this situation: Someone says they want something… and they don’t. It’s not even them being dishonest – they really don’t know what they want. They say they want your offer, if only it were cheaper, shorter, easier… Or they say they… Continue Reading “Marketing to the fearful (when we’re all afraid)”

The Opposite Of Gratitude (But In A Good Way)

Gratitude might sound like some New Age, insipid nonsense. Or a great way to cripple your ambition. After all, if you appreciate what you have, why aspire towards anything greater? The science is in: neither view is true. Gratitude strengthens your mind, both from… Continue Reading “The Opposite Of Gratitude (But In A Good Way)”


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