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Intensive and expensive

If that title bothers you, good. You can save yourself a minute and stop reading now. Monster Mind Edukaré has a hefty price tag. This isn’t some cheap eLearning course teaching you hypnosis for pocket change. You can learn the techniques of self-hypnosis from… Continue Reading “Intensive and expensive”

Playing The-Floor-Is-Lava in adult mode

It’s a classic kids’ game: pretend the floor is lava and you can’t stand on it. Depending on the density and integrity of your furniture, it can be a lot of fun. Hopping from the couch to the coffee table, never daring to touch… Continue Reading “Playing The-Floor-Is-Lava in adult mode”

Is this meditating the lazy way or the efficient way?

Meditation and self-hypnosis aren’t strictly the same thing. The sort of trance meditation puts you in is different to what hypnosis does. But what does that even mean? No two hypnotists will put you in the same sort of trance either. And I’ve experimented… Continue Reading “Is this meditating the lazy way or the efficient way?”

Meditation failures are self-hypnosis successes

Many people want to meditate. They hear about the incredible benefits it brings – sharper focus, emotional balance, greater relaxation – and they decide that, yeah, they want some of that. But it’s hard work. The techniques are difficult to use at first, especially… Continue Reading “Meditation failures are self-hypnosis successes”

Solve problems with bucks and batarangs

I like Batman. And I like the stories that explore how much Bruce Wayne needs Batman. Is dressing up and punching people the best way to stop crime? Maybe, maybe not. But he’s addicted to it. He needs Batman just as thoroughly as Gotham… Continue Reading “Solve problems with bucks and batarangs”

Learning how to walk all over again

It’s surprising how many bad habits I let sneak back in this year. Sure, I had any excuse… but I’ve always got an excuse. And it’s never the truth – that’s why I don’t say I have reasons. For example… A few years ago,… Continue Reading “Learning how to walk all over again”

It’s time, right now, to remember

This article can be a reminder to you, if you let it. A reminder to check in with yourself. What’s going on in that precious, incredible mind and body of yours? If you’re feeling any tension, release it. If your vision is narrowed and… Continue Reading “It’s time, right now, to remember”

The significant almost-significant milestone

According to my blog’s analytics, this post is number 999. Which means the next one will put my article count into the quadruple digits. What’s more significant – the breakthrough to a thousand articles… or this moment right here, sitting on the edge of… Continue Reading “The significant almost-significant milestone”

Positivity is the weapon of choice

Isn’t it strange how much life rewards positivity? I don’t mean in the sense that the universe is waiting for us to smile. I mean in real, simple and common sense ways. Under the old corporate model, folk worked best when given a title,… Continue Reading “Positivity is the weapon of choice”

Enlightenment isn’t real (and how to achieve it)

If you listen to monks, scholars and philosophers taking about enlightenment, you’ll hear a huge range of opinions. Some folks say enlightenment isn’t real. Or maybe it’s a theoretically reachable state, but no human has managed that. Or maybe Buddha is the only one… Continue Reading “Enlightenment isn’t real (and how to achieve it)”


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