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Build a brain you can be proud of

People used to believe the brain was fixed. You were born with innate talent for mathematics, language or art. Training would bring out what’s already there. They also knew your physical traits, from eye colour to health risks, came from unchangeable biological sources – your genetic code. Then people learned the brain was fluid… for

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Who else wants to wield a stronger mind?

This whole mind training thing is a bit of a complicated enterprise. It’s a market filled with broken hearts and broken promises. Many folk are wackadoodles who mean well but sell happy lies. Others are willful predators, hoping to take advantage of your desperation. Plenty of smart folk have learned to be distrustful about anything

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The easy way to make your inner demons work for you

“Follow these habits and you’ll notice something strange. You’ll have moments where challenges seem easy and the familiar seems fresh. New abilities and sensations course through your brain. Me, I’d call this hypnosis. Really it’s just your mind growing more powerful. It’s looking for its new boundaries and it feels amazing.” – Mind Habits The

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