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When darkness defeats darkness

You’ve heard the story before: Darkness doesn’t dispel darkness – only light can. What that means is you can’t fight hate, fear and anger with more hate, fear and anger. It takes love, compassion and understanding to do that. No arguments here. But that’s… Continue Reading “When darkness defeats darkness”

If it’s in a dragon’s hoard, it must be good

It’s one of the great archetypes: A powerful dragon, radiating physical things like heat and smoke, abstract things like savagery and destruction. These great and dreaded wyrms have the means to destroy entire villages – even entire kingdoms. Defeating one is an act of… Continue Reading “If it’s in a dragon’s hoard, it must be good”

For some of you, 2020 will never end

I know some of you are keen for 2020 to excuse itself from the room already. Bad news on that front… For some of you, it’s sticking around. Not literally – the calendar will, in fact, keep moving forward. You don’t want to turn… Continue Reading “For some of you, 2020 will never end”

How do you know if your thoughts work?

The more I meditate and practice self-hypnosis, the more my brain surprises me. Like the fish who doesn’t know what water is, you don’t know most of how your thoughts work. Sometimes the only way to tell that you do something is when you… Continue Reading “How do you know if your thoughts work?”

60 New Year’s Resolutions for you

If you’ve heard what folk are aiming for in 2021, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few things. Some folk are too ambitious. They want to do everything next year. Others are too vague. They want to “be healthier” but don’t seem to know what… Continue Reading “60 New Year’s Resolutions for you”

Your great 2021 reset

It doesn’t matter that calendar years begin and end at arbitrary times. Stepping into the New Year feels like a new beginning, where you can put everything behind you and embrace limitless possibilities. 2020 was what it was – 2021 can be anything. The… Continue Reading “Your great 2021 reset”

Your New Year’s Constitution

Folks keep telling me how awful 2020 has been. Maybe – it could easily have been worse though. The ‘deadly disease’ could have been much more deadly. As people squirm over the death toll in the US – 300,000 people over ten months, assuming… Continue Reading “Your New Year’s Constitution”

I’m feeling lazy today, so enjoy some regurgitated pap

It’s Christmas Eve, so can you blame me for wanting to take it easy today? But I don’t want to leave you in the lurch. I’d like to still offer you some humour and wisdom. I won’t do much thinking, though. Here is a… Continue Reading “I’m feeling lazy today, so enjoy some regurgitated pap”

Can you take ‘too much’ responsibility?

In your evolution as an individual, you face this question at some point. Probably multiple times, really: What exactly am I responsible for? I know some folks have wondered that, in their heads or out loud, over the last ten months or so. Society… Continue Reading “Can you take ‘too much’ responsibility?”

The lawsuit-teasing Christmas tradition that’s even worse in 2020

Traditions: I know plenty of folks love them – they’re like a bridge to the past, almost a reminder that time will not erase everything as it marches forward. And I know plenty of folks hate them. If they ask why they should do… Continue Reading “The lawsuit-teasing Christmas tradition that’s even worse in 2020”


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