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The rational thing is to love everyone

I’m reading up on Marcus Aurelius. I’ve had one of his quotes on my wall for years – too long to not know much about him. “Uh… he was a Roman Emperor philosopher…?” Anyway, he lived a fascinating life in a fascinating way. He,… Continue Reading “The rational thing is to love everyone”

Are you too afraid to try?

Many people – too many people, that is – can’t see how they’ll achieve their dreams, so they don’t even try. They don’t pursue the dream job. Or the gorgeous woman. Or the crazy project that might just change the world. It’s far easier… Continue Reading “Are you too afraid to try?”

High Intensity Interval Meditation

The classic way to boost your meditation skills is to meditate for longer. A 50-minute meditation session – no matter your school or practice – is leagues ahead of a 20-minute one. (Which is already amazing, given what even five minutes can do for… Continue Reading “High Intensity Interval Meditation”

Build a brain you can be proud of

People used to believe the brain was fixed. You were born with innate talent for mathematics, language or art. Training would bring out what’s already there. They also knew your physical traits, from eye colour to health risks, came from unchangeable biological sources –… Continue Reading “Build a brain you can be proud of”

The “I can’t meditate!” meditation technique

Some of you are already seasoned meditation pros. Others have no interest in it. But some – and dare I wager, ‘many’ – of you struggled with it. I get it. When I first started meditating as a teenager, it came easily to me.… Continue Reading “The “I can’t meditate!” meditation technique”

With apologies to Uncle Ben

You already know Spider-man’s backstory. Even if you aren’t into superheroes, you know it. So I’ll take a page from the MCU’s book and skip over that, getting to the good stuff: I’m not going to say he’s wrong about… you know, his advice.… Continue Reading “With apologies to Uncle Ben”

What does ‘smart’ even mean?

It seems like an obvious question. If you’re technically minded, you might have a preferred definition of intelligence. ‘The ability to solve problems’ seems on the right track, until you remember 20 lines of Python can solve problems. Maybe you could call it the… Continue Reading “What does ‘smart’ even mean?”

Bruce Lee versus SJWs

The other day, while listening to a biography of Bruce Lee, I came across this gem of a line. Context: Bruce Lee went to an American university in the 1960s. Activism was in the air… but he had no part of it. And I… Continue Reading “Bruce Lee versus SJWs”

7 easy, awesome mind training courses… and what comes after

Subscribers to my email list received seven hypnotic audios – each a mini course in something powerful: 1) Patience Get through the difficult times with a full body, total relaxation of your nervous system. The last time you were this relaxed, you were deeply… Continue Reading “7 easy, awesome mind training courses… and what comes after”

Do you trust yourself?

Your unconscious sees things that you never will. And it whispers what it knows to you. This is what instinct, intuition and gut feelings are all about. How well it whispers – that is, how clearly and how often – depends on you. Think… Continue Reading “Do you trust yourself?”


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