Reconciling Australia Day and Invasion Day

Australia Day is complicated. It’s a day to celebrate everything from warm weather to freedom and prosperity. Or you see the chance to have a race riot on the beach. Then again, Invasion Day might mark the day when strangers displaced your people… and worse.

It’s a celebration mixed with shame. It’s multiculturalism and xenophobia. We celebrate democracy while our people drink and listen to ranked pop songs.

Yeah, it’s complicated.

But that’s only because Australia is populated by humans. A single human is riddled with contradictions. A nation of them? The contradictions scale accordingly.

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When you can’t rely on the government…

The government seems almost like a force of nature. Always fickle but always there. And then – suddenly – it’s not. Parts of the unstoppable machinery grind to a halt. The government lets you down.

These can be scary moments. When your livelihood depends on the government, it’s a shock to remember that you can’t rely on the land’s greatest authority. If you enjoy or need vital services, how can you feel safe when petty politics can wipe out your program or job?

It’s not good. The way that politics can consume all good intentions – it’s not good.

But there is one thing that is undeniably good. Continue reading “When you can’t rely on the government…”

Learn How to Guide Your Mind

If you’re about to give up: don’t.

You know the power of the mind. It governs your life, moving softly through every moment like a firm breeze. You know that your mind has tremendous abilities – days where you’ve felt them have been the best in your life.

Life is like a lottery. Some days your brain burns with joy, inspiration and success. Other days, it’s a struggle to power on through. These differences seem random, but they’re not. Like running a maze, success feels out of your control… until you learn the path.

Seemingly-similar personal growth leaders (because no one else does it like me) promise all sorts of results. Wealth, confidence, happiness, sex appeal, health…

I promise you nothing. Your success depends far more on you than on me.

But I will say this:

Everything that you find here:

contain everything you need. Apply what’s inside and you will see more of the good days.

You’re a smart and curious person (everyone else stopped reading six paragraphs ago). That’s why you’re still looking for Answers to the big Questions.

The thing is, the answers aren’t out there. No – they’re inside. And I can guide you right to them.

You wouldn’t give up on a better you – not when you’re so close, would you?

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