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Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia – a day for celebrating and commemorating our greatest heroes. As such, there’ll be no link to click on here and nothing for me to sell you on. Except perhaps this notion: Countless folks sacrificed everything over our… Continue Reading “Lest we forget”

The closest thing to future-proofing your business

How do you market your business? Quite a few coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers and consultants attract all of their clients through face-to-face interactions. Things like through networking events, through referrals, through folks they know – all sorts of different ways involving meeting people in person… Continue Reading “The closest thing to future-proofing your business”

All the treasures of the 5 Realms

In 5 Realms Meditation, I share some of the rich mental traditions of planet Earth. Not only that, I use each to build on the others, weaving them together into a powerful tapestry of technique and phonebook’s worth of philosophy. Over the next 13… Continue Reading “All the treasures of the 5 Realms”

The most radical brain training

I talk a lot about brain training. I’m not alone. Whenever I go into the app store, it’s always recommending cutesy brain training apps to me. I’ve never installed one, so it’s not like it’s a case of offering me what I’ve shown I… Continue Reading “The most radical brain training”

Everything ends eventually, including Phronesis Accelerator

There’s tremendous power in the inevitability of your demise. Here’s what this issue of Phronesis Accelerator covers: Rise above the frothing masses – we saw it with Trump in 2020 (no, not the election or a tweet) and many times before then. It’s one… Continue Reading “Everything ends eventually, including Phronesis Accelerator”

Did we evolve to die? That still won’t help you

There’s a theory in biology that’s strange on the surface. Ageing isn’t inevitable, it says. It’s something we (and all other organisms) evolved to do. We evolved to slowly fall apart as the years and decades drag on. If you have a simplistic view… Continue Reading “Did we evolve to die? That still won’t help you”

You’re not who you think you are

One of the key lessons the Buddha taught is who you are isn’t who you think you are. You might think of yourself as this body. Or maybe these thoughts. Or perhaps you’re a “soul”, “consciousness” or other abstract label. The way Buddha describes… Continue Reading “You’re not who you think you are”

2020 is going to be amazing – here’s why

This new year is going to have some terrible moments. Beloved celebrities are going to die. There’ll be natural disasters… and maybe some not natural ones. People will betray you, take things out on you and make your life hell for no reason. I… Continue Reading “2020 is going to be amazing – here’s why”

Why I write like an addict

If you’ve followed me for any time, you’ll know I write a lot. Plenty of folk tell me they can’t believe I publish an article every day. I write much more than that, though. This is simply what you can see now. Take a… Continue Reading “Why I write like an addict”

Relive the Best Parts of your Best Experiences

There are certain moments in my life that stand out as highlights. Truly special, exceptional times. These moments are more than just happy memories. I’m fortunate to have plenty of those. What makes these stand out is how far beyond “happy” they are. They… Continue Reading “Relive the Best Parts of your Best Experiences”