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What’s the point of learning “mind habits”?

What’s the point of learning “mind habits”?

Recently, I launched my new eBook on mind habits – 13 simple exercises that enhance your brainpower. Some of these you’ll have heard of before. Some of them, I don’t hear people talk about much. Here’s why getting your hands on this list makes…

The simplest ways to become smarter each day

The simplest ways to become smarter each day

There’s often a lag between what science knows and what society knows. A famous (and tragic) example is when people started toying with germ theory. Early experiments proved that the simple act of washing your hands after autopsies helped doctors keep their patients alive….

Reconciling Australia Day and Invasion Day

Australia Day is complicated. It’s a day to celebrate everything from warm weather to freedom and prosperity. Or you see the chance to have a race riot on the beach. Then again, Invasion Day might mark the day when strangers displaced your people… and…

When you can’t rely on the government…

The government seems almost like a force of nature. Always fickle but always there. And then – suddenly – it’s not. Parts of the unstoppable machinery grind to a halt. The government lets you down. These can be scary moments. When your livelihood depends…

Learn How to Guide Your Mind

Learn how Guided Thought can help you take control of your own mind.

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