Caught in the In-Between

I’m hardly the most original philosopher if I point out life moves in cycles.

There’s the life cycle where, as a beloved childhood classic reminds me, lions eat antelopes but also become the grass.

There’s the life cycle of the individual – birth, reproduction, death.

Day and night chase each other in an endless loop.

More than that, every day contains cycles within cycles. Energy levels rise and fall according to complex, repeating neurochemical patterns. Even the breath is nothing but an inhale forever followed by an exhale.

Like I say, hardly original. The ancient Taoists beat me to the punch with that one.

And yet…

Whenever I look around, all I see are broken cycles.

If we follow our nature, we experience periods of deep hunger and deep satisfaction. Yet most folks are never truly hungry or satiated. Many folks are always a little hungry – heck, I know people who have bragged about that. But because they’re never truly full, they never feel true hunger.

And as humans, we’re supposed to explode with energy – the sort of energy needed to take down a wild animal – followed by periods of relaxation. But, again, most folks buzz along – stressed enough to stay on edge all day, then wonder why they can’t sleep at night.

Even emotionally – if all your days bleed into each other, it’s because they don’t have the highs and lows that mark a rich life.

“Stability” is a worthy goal in life… so long as you understand it means the low points don’t knock you on your butt.

It doesn’t mean everything’s always fine, it just means the challenges won’t destroy you.

I’m not saying anyone’s life is completely flat. Everyone experiences moments where they are hungrier than other times. But it’s easy to slip into a washed-out life where the peaks and troughs are much closer together than they should be.

This is an insidious problem. It’s probably a major cause of that dull, grey feeling you get when everything in life is going fine, but you still feel… I dunno.




I call this The In-Between. It can sneak up on you, leaving you wondering what’s going wrong.


This is what’s wrong.

You might think you need variety and, in a way, you do. But I don’t mean signing up for a new hobby. I mean, maybe that will help. Maybe it’ll inspire you and reignite the fire in your belly.

But maybe it’ll just be yet another thing to do.

Another flat, vanilla, not-terrible-and-not-amazing experience.

So then what’s the answer?

Go through more terrible situations?

Well… maybe. The right sort of experience could give you what you need. Plenty of folks have found that what seemed to be a crisis – losing a job, for example – turned out to be exactly what they needed to break their rut.

Sometimes a crisis is the challenge we need – something to rise to. Think of the brilliant movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, to see what I mean.

But, you know, sometimes bad experiences are just bad.

Or you could try to chase more peak experiences. But that becomes another trap all too easily. Maybe your dream is a week on the beach with no email and no distractions. So you find yourself in a grey, uninspiring, In-Between-inducing job… to save money for months or years… for a holiday that ends up being a letdown.

So, again, sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Then what am I suggesting?

The best starting point…

… the easiest, most reliable, most immediately beneficial starting point…

… is to learn how to relax.

No, I don’t mean vegging out on the couch.

Or playing video games til dawn.

Or even putting your feet up and watching the sunset with a beer in hand.

I mean learning to deeply relax your nervous system – to drive the tension from your muscles.

To finally let go of what you’ve been unconsciously gripping for so long.

Do that and you’ll find your energy levels rise. The deeper you move from the In-Between, the higher your energy peaks can rise. Your natural cycle of energy, once reignited, will churn along on its own.

This is why folks swear by meditation: it can (and I emphasise “can”) lead to this perfect level of relaxation.

And the energy boons that follow in your waking state.

But it’s not easy to relax this deeply – even for experienced meditators.

That’s why I offer the Neural Reset. It creates this deep level of rest that even sleeping struggles to achieve.

It’s like getting the benefits of meditation, without the steep learning curve and unreliable results.

Even if you meditate regularly, you probably haven’t experienced what’s waiting for you here:

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