Ceci n’est pas une etiquette

Ceci n'est pas une etiquette

I don’t know what the most hypnotic piece of art is. Surrealism begins to look normal when you spend enough quality time in your unconscious.

All I know is The Treachery of Images – also known as the “this is not a pipe” painting – is pretty trippy.

I won’t embarrass myself with a clumsy attempt to explain it. Something about how a painting of a pipe isn’t a pipe.

Or how a sentence about a pipe isn’t a pipe.

Or whatever.

As metaphysical as that can get if you really go down the rabbit hole, there’s a nice practical lesson in there.

Labels and symbols aren’t real. They’re powerful, of course they are, but they’re not what they represent.

The word ‘pipe’ can’t be smoked, and you can’t eat a menu.

If you want to reinforce something in your mind, labelling it can help. If you want to change or get rid of it, though, you need a different strategy.

You need to work on the pure, abstract level. No words, perhaps even no symbols.

Raw, pure thought and emotion.

If you’re used to thinking things through only with logic, language, rules and tradition, then this isn’t for you.

If you want to delve deep into the murky waters of your unconscious…

You want to get your hands on this guide, then:


Photo by

andrew welch on Unsplash

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