Change your diet without cravings or willpower

A few years back, I cut out sugar. I went from a typical “everything in moderation!” diet to virtually no sugar overnight.

It’s funny how the “moderation!” crowd don’t seem to notice they consume more sugar in a week than folk used to consume in a year…

Anyway, it was rough.

Headaches, feeling gross.

Despite these side effects, I immediately felt better. The grossness was in a cleansing, detoxing sort of way. Until you experience it, it’s hard to imagine how feeling awful can feel so good.

Plus the weight melted right off me.

Even so, it took a lot of discipline to stick to.

For the first couple of months, anything sweeter than blueberries would make me feel like death. It took my body a while to sort itself out.

Fast forward a few years:

I was enjoying a pleasant, deep trance state. I wasn’t using it for anything – yeah, self-hypnosis is a great way to rework your own state of mind, but I don’t want to only use it when I want to do something. The same way you don’t talk to your friends only when you need a favour.

In this trance, something spontaneously emerged and my diet changed.

I entered the trance as a meat-eating, milk-guzzling guy who ate six or eight eggs every day…

… and I emerged vegan.

In an instant, my diet changed. No cravings, no withdrawals and certainly no discipline. It almost felt like I’d always been this way.

Those two changes to my diet are the biggest I’ve ever done. Each made me feel clearer, sharper and more energetic – I’m talking drastic, undeniable and permanent improvements.

But one took effort because I was working against my own mind.

The other?

It just happened.

Some of you are tempted to make some crack like, “oh no, hypnosis makes you vegan, better stay away!”

Yeah, stay away.

If that’s your takeaway from these stories, then you’re not ready for the power of self-hypnosis. That may sound trite or whatever, but I’m serious. Hypnosis is like electricity – useful, essential, but it demands wisdom and respect in how you handle it.

On the other hand…

If you’d like to shed a few bad habits around your diet, or completely overhaul it, without all the usual pain and sacrifice, then this might be the best thing you’ll read all year:

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