Channelling my BDE

Every year, I get a huge surge of BDE:

Birthday Energy.

It was my birthday recently and, boy, did I get a generous dose of it.

I remember back in my uni days, people rarely paid me much attention. As an anxious, plump, insecure white nerd, I didn’t often turn heads.

So whenever I did, it stood out to me.

And it never had anything to do with how I dressed or who I was with.

Once was while walking through campus when I was DONE. I was heading home for the last time, free at last from the alternate dimension known as higher education.

I musta had an extra bounce in my step that day because I really had folks staring.

The other times were on my birthday.

These days, Birthday Energy shows up in a whole new way. I’ll see a boost of traffic, extra sales and more bookings come through on or around my birthday.

Now, I know some of you are trying to logic this and ruining my fun.

“Maybe it’s just the time of the year!” It could be… except about half of all that comes from the northern hemisphere. It isn’t seasonal – not if we have opposite seasons.

“Perhaps people are thinking of you because it’s your birthday, so they check your site and buy stuff!” I’d chalk it up to that if most of my sales came from friends and family, but they don’t.

“Blah blah blah, confirmation bias.” By definition, I can’t rule that out. But it’s hard to ignore far numerical data, like a spike in sales.

Anyway, since my birthday it’s been a delightfully busy, profitable time.

So naturally I’m thinking – can I make every day my birthday?

Can I channel whatever extra charisma, pep or secret sauce attracts money, attention and life satisfaction?

We’ll see – and I sure hope so.

In the meantime, what special juju churns inside you, ready to radiate forth?

Here’s the secret to channelling something like that:

Get out of its way.

This can be one of the stranger, least expected and more difficult to describe benefits of the Neural Reset.

I could explain more, but it’s better for you to experience it now:

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