The cheapest way to get drunk and quit smoking

The cheapest way to get drunk and quit smoking

How’s this for a scene: take a custom-built bar with all the usual decor. Put trained bartenders in front of bottles of vodka and tonic water. Uni students come in, order their drinks, have a good time.

If you want to know the cheapest way to get drunk, it’s this. Because unlike normal bars, the students don’t have to pay for their vodka and tonics.

(There’s a limit, naturally. It’s not like they could get blind drunk… or order 10,000 and set up their own bar. But still, free drinks!)

Why were they free? Because it’s part of a psychology experiment, of course.

So that’s the cheapest way? Be a lab rat?

No, no. Well, yes. But this is equally affordable:

See, the drinks weren’t alcoholic. The bottles of ‘vodka’ were full of flat tonic water.

It didn’t matter. The students still got tipsy from it.

Yes, placebo alcohol is a thing.

Now, you might scoff and say, no, they weren’t drunk – they just thought they were. Except they had physical reactions to the alcohol, too. Yes, they thought they were drunk. So did their bodies. At what stage do you simply call that drunkenness?

The power of your mind can influence your body’s chemistry.

So you might wonder: if it can recreate the effects of a toxin like alcohol, can it recreate the absence of a toxin?

Like, say, nicotine?

It sure can. That’s how some people quit smoking without experiencing any withdrawals.

Now, I can’t promise that’ll happen to you.

But I can improve your odds.

And improve your odds of quitting either way.

If you’re ready to quit smoking the right way, here’s something you might want to read:

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