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Some people like intense physical training. They push themselves until they sweat and tremble, muscles straining, lungs burning.

It’s hard work, but they love the results:

Better health.

More confidence.

Improved sex appeal.

But let me ask you this…

Have you considered what intensive mind training could do for you?

Over a yearlong subscription to Awakened Thought, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • enhance your success and happiness by making people addicted to your presence,
  • gain the skill that Einstein credited for his success (hint: it’s not intelligence),
  • stop wasteful spending by finding your purpose and eliminating the urge to commit ‘retail therapy,’
  • get more done to a higher standard, while feeling less stress,
  • improve your mood, mental power, verbal fluency and memory,
  • leap out of bed every morning, eager to pursue your life’s purpose,
  • learn the secrets behind learning,
  • influence people in ethical and effective ways,
  • resolve painful emotions, no matter how long you’ve carried them,
  • protect your mental health against any and all challenges to it,
  • improve on what you’re doing well (and what you’re not),
  • understand the science behind motivation, success, good health and more,
  • unlock health, energy and youthful vitality (no matter what your body does),
  • become a rock star in your field… and have fun doing it, too,
  • use what you have to out-think “smarter” people,
  • reduce tiredness and stress the natural, sustainable way,
  • overcome the ONE THING that’s keeping you from your dreams,
  • resolve the inner demons that sabotage your attempts at success,
  • become more effective, creative, intelligent and flexible (even as you rest),
  • enhance your every skill and desired attribute through ‘mental cross-training’,
  • choose to feel great and invite more joy into your life,
  • relax deeply while keeping your productivity high,
  • understand how to absorb lessons where it matters – at the deepest level of your mind,
  • build your mind in convenient and fun ways,
  • finally take action and keep going, no matter what!

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