What chicken-powered nukes can teach you about love, life and freedom

What chicken-powered nukes can teach you about love, life and success

There’s a story which floats between that space of “no way!” and “huh, could be true”. It comes out of the Cold War military doctrine and it shows the military is shameless when it comes to results.

Every analyst said the same thing – in a conventional war between Europe and the Soviets, Europe was doomed. Russian tanks would overwhelm any defences or counterattacks.

The obvious move?

Make the war non-conventional.

In other words, if tanks are rolling in, nuke them.

But, with Cold War era technology, you can’t aim a missile at a quick moving target well. So the obvious answer is to lay nuclear landmines as you retreat. A tank rolls over one and takes out the entire column.


Burying atom bombs works less well than you’d think. The cold soil messes with its components.


Bury the landmines with some sort of heat source. Sure, there are chemicals you can use – exothermic reactions that’ll keep your nukes toasty.

But this is a war. You’ve gotta use what’s on hand. So the idea was to bury live chickens around the mine. They’d last a few days before starving, their bodies keeping the WMDs functioning as they did.

It’s a weird story. It might be a myth but it could be true. Agriculture and nuclear weaponry forced together by practical considerations – it’s plausible.

And the symbolism of putting a grown chicken inside a shell of death is powerful.

The moral of this macabre story?

If you feel for the chickens, then remember – you’re not them. You’re not locked in a chamber with a bomb, your every breath bringing you and thousands of others closer to death. Even if you’re trapped in a bad situation, you are – relatively speaking – free.

So use that freedom.

If you think these chickens are heroes, giving their lives for a greater cause, then the moral is simple.

Sometimes all you gotta do is show up.

These are great lessons about love, life, business and everything.

You are free and you can show up.

Of course, you can show up as yourself or someone better. A slight improvement to your mind, emotions or skills can change everything for those around you.

You’re learning all the time, so are you learning good lessons or bad ones?

Were those chickens wasting their final moments on petty dramas with each other?

Or feeling sorry for themselves?

How different that doctrine would have been had people believed chickens could protect themselves. Break the bomb, pierce the shell and run for your life.

If people know you’re capable of action, no one will lock you away or exploit you.

And the best action you can take is training. Like the following:


Photo by Kazi Faiz Ahmed Jeem on Unsplash

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