Find ease and comfort in the Christmas aftermath

The typical way to spend Boxing Day (aka the day after Christmas for my foreign friends) is in a stupor.

Partly buzzed, partly hungover.

Partly bloated, partly grazing.

Watching cricket – a sport so slow it doesn’t matter if you pass out while watching it.

The best recovery would be to not overdo it in the first place. But where’s the fun in that?

The second best recovery?

Sleep is pretty great. Except you can only do it so much. It’s hard to nap more than a few times a day, even if your body is struggling under the load of too much everything.

My belated Christmas gift to you is a way to reset your nervous system. It’s a lot like sleep, except you’re in control. It only takes a few moments and you’re fully conscious that whole time.

It takes practice to really get the benefits with this.

But what doesn’t, right?

It turns out this simple mental exercise goes a long way to easing your discomfort.

You’re welcome.

And you know what? Because I’m a sneaky devil, I’m tricking you into getting your hands on some powerful self-improvement technologies. That’s the medication I’ve snuck into your dog food. If you want to eat around this reset technique, skip ahead to Module 6 of 19 – a few listens will put you in a greater sense of ease.

You can always come back to the real benefits later.

You can begin immediately, thanks to this link you see right here.

To keep reading, you know what to do. Simply follow it:

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