The Christmas Eve tradition no one bothers with

Holiday stress – is that something you’re up to your ears in by now? It can be such a hassle cooking, shopping, travelling and staying on top of everyone’s wild expectations.

The funny thing about traditions is they seem to add to the annoyance. They tend to involve cooking certain things, buying certain things, decorating, wrapping presents, dealing with drunken in-laws…

Each of these things in isolation is fine.

Taken all together, though…

Big events always have this mental weight to them, even if they’re good. Twice, I’ve changed jobs from one I didn’t like to one I loved. I’ve moved from crappy apartments to awesome ones more than once. I travel often, usually for something amazing.

Even so, these things are big enough to be annoying. Each time, it’s taken half my focus to get through them. It takes a lot of energy to break your routine like this.

And that’s assuming you even like what you’re doing. Not everyone likes the holidays, which makes it even heavier to deal with.

Sure, Christmas dinner isn’t as momentous as moving across the country.

It’s still big enough to wear on you, though.

So what’s a tradition that’ll help you handle the holidays with grace, enthusiasm and energy?

Focus on the small things.

The problem with big events is there’s a lot of build-up, a flash of amazing things, then it’s over. You spend most of that time prepping for it or recovering from it.

When you learn to appreciate the little things, it smooths all that out. It creates enjoyable experiences, whether it’s a big day or just another shift at work.

Even better – you can learn to take the little stressors in life and turn them into something useful.

It’s a subtle art and an easy technique you can learn in minutes.

Then spend a lifetime mastering.

The Small Pleasures program (Module 3 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré) gives you some fun ways to play with this.

Here’s the link:

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