How cigarettes hypnotise you

How cigarettes hypnotise you

I doubt any (well, many) of you have ever heard a cigarette whisper “look into me eyes, you’re getting sleeeeepy….”

That doesn’t mean cigarettes aren’t hypnotising you. You might not think of the pack of smokes in your desk draw as having any ‘mind control’ abilities, but… well, it kinda does.

And this is great news!

When you see your cigarettes, get to your smoke break or feel the need for a distraction, your mind turns to lighting them up. If you’re trying to quit, you’ll struggle to think of something else until the urge passes.

Maybe this works for you. Even if it does, it’s not mentally cheap. It takes enormous processing power to not think of something.

Especially if something is constantly hypnotising you.

You could think of it this way: there are times in the day when you expect to smoke. Your unconscious mind tracks that and will cheerfully remind you if you forget. No matter what your conscious mind thinks or wants, your unconscious follows its usual programming.

Or you could think of it like this:

You know you shouldn’t cluck like a chicken in front of drunk strangers. You know smoking depletes your health, money and self-respect. Hypnosis can make you forget all that and take action anyway.

Like I say, this is good news.

Because if you normally fight hypnotic programming consciously… well, it can work. But It sure takes it out of you.

Or you could use the best defence against hypnosis:

Even more hypnosis.

Because I could say I can hypnotise you into forgetting all about smoking. I could mention how I can delete your cravings and the habit at their very roots.

All in the comfort of your home and office, even.

Instead, I’ll say this:

I use what I know to dehypnotise you.

To break the hold cigarettes have.

To free you to make your own decisions. If you want to light up, you could. If not, you don’t. It really does become that simple once you’re out of that trance and into a better one.

If you’re sick of quitting taking so much effort, here’s how to beat cigarettes where they live – your unconscious mind.

All you need to do now is keep reading:

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