Cold, hard nostalgia

In the southern hemisphere, we’re into the last month of autumn. That means it’s getting cold here.

Now, when I say “cold”, plenty of Europeans and Canadians would laugh at me for that.

But it’s a good 30 to 40 degrees Celsius cooler than it was four months ago.

Anyway, this sudden plunge into icy temperatures always makes me nostalgic. It was around this time of year, many decades ago, when I first really appreciated an important life lesson:

You can improve.

It doesn’t matter how strong, smart, charismatic or rich you are now. Those are all variables, not constants. With the right sort of work – not even necessarily hard work either – you can level up your own life stats.

I wish I could say this insight came from something cool.

Like maybe I applied myself and learned a new skill.

Or maybe I hit the gym and became swole.

Nah, nothing like that.

It was from watching the Action Man TV series in the morning. Yep – I don’t know why but that inspired me to grow as a person.

Who knows why that did the trick and not, say, Batman. Maybe it was because Action Man – at least, this version of him – could see the underlying mathematical patterns in nature. For a brief moment, he could see how all the world around him connects.

Then he could use that insight to do otherwise-impossible stunts.

Right now, I’m feeling how I did way back then. I feel the urge to peak behind the veil of reality – partly because I’m curious but mostly because I want to do good with it.

I’ve long-since forgotten the show, apart from this little detail – just as well because I’m sure it aged terribly. But I haven’t forgotten that desire. It’s always with me… and particularly strong on cold mornings like this.

I’m pretty sure this is why I started learning psychology, grabbing titbits of knowledge and insights here and there. I wanted to understand how folks think, including myself. I wanted to peak behind the veil and see the raw thoughts that drive them.

There’s a lot of good you can do when you can do that.

But I became bored of the academic nature of psychology. There’s a lot of great theory, but so much of it doesn’t translate into action.

(Thank goodness I wasn’t captivated by a show called Theory Man…)

That’s what attracted me to hypnosis. Once I saw and experienced what it could do, I realised this is what I was looking for. Hypnosis is a practical art of the mind.

Sure, there’s plenty of theory around it.

Ask ten hypnotists what a trance is and you’ll get 13 different answers.

But while we often disagree on what the words mean, we agree on one thing:

If you want to experience the mind – not just theorise about it – then hypnosis is a powerful tool for doing just that.

And if, like me, you’re bristling with the urge to grow, change and peak behind the veils in your life, then this simple-yet-intensive training is probably what you’re looking for.

You can get your hands on months, even years of training, for a single, low investment.

Here’s the link:

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