Who sees the colour of dog food?

Who sees the colour of dog food?

Pet food distributers aren’t dumb. Have a look at dog food advertisements and you’ll see what I mean. They have pictures of happy dogs, smiling dogs, healthy dogs…

Someone off the street might think they design the food to appeal to canines. They don’t. Dogs are a factor, sure, but they’re not the main one.

After all, dogs don’t buy dog food. Their humans do.

Those pictures of happy dogs aren’t about the pet at all. They’re about how the owner will feel, having wisely provided this joyful meal.

Not that you need convincing on this obvious point, but consider that dog food contains colouring agents. Seeing as how dogs are colour blind, it ain’t in there for them.

Marketers follow the money. They’d never make the mistake of marketing to the dogs.

This is a great analogy for how people mess up personal development.

You might think of your mind as having rational parts, emotional parts, instinctive parts, remembering parts… If you mapped it all out, you’d see a mighty congress in your reflection.

Then, when they want to make a change in their life, they go straight for the rational approach.

They look for intellectual ways to change.

Advice, strategies, techniques…

It’d be a great approach if the rational mind were the one in charge.

Your rationality is like the dog. If it smells something it doesn’t like, it kicks up a fuss, scratches the carpet and does naughty things to your rug. The dog has to be happy with the choice of food.

But at the end of the day, it ain’t choosing what it eats.

No, your decisions come from elsewhere in the brain. You can use logic to check your decisions, but never to make them. Even deciding to eat because you’re hungry comes from beyond your intellect.

This means that acquiring yet more facts isn’t the solution. It might be part of the answer, but it won’t get you there alone.

You need to (re)train the part of you that actually makes the decision.

The part of your brain with real purchasing power – that sees the colour of dog food.

Change doesn’t come from thinking. It comes from calculated, intelligent action. It comes from evolving who you are, not running the same loops in your mind.

You need a regime that enhances the foundations below the intellect. Then you can rationally assess whether you’ve made the right choice or not.

But only if you make the choice in the first place:


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