Common Sense is Arbitrary

I don’t eat breakfast cereal anymore. I used to. Growing up, it was the only way to start the morning.

I had the usual Aussie products. Weetbix (with milk and sugar) or Cornflakes. Occasionally, Rice Bubbles. Even more occasionally, Coco pops.

As I grew older, I learned that other people had toast for breakfast. Maybe they’d have jam or marmalade, maybe Vegemite and butter.

Oh, and a glass of juice – apple or orange.

Here’s the thing, though:

I never thought of these foods as dinner. Breakfast cereal was only for… well, breakfast. It was weird to think of them as anything else.

For me, it was common sense. If pressed, I would have said something about the fibre and the carbohydrates being the best way to start the day…

Now I know better.

Most mornings, I eat something more interesting for breakfast. Today I had stirfry. Sometimes it’s a smoothie. Maybe coconut yogurt and nuts, or maybe rice and vegetables.

I know that many cultures don’t have breakfast cereals.

I know that my own culture didn’t until recently. Processed cereals were for old people looking to get their bowels moving, until one bright spark in a marketing department sold us on the idea of eating it for breakfast.

What I thought was common sense was little more than corporate brainwashing.

When you grok that – when you know it’s true in your bones – then your mind opens up.

Or maybe it needs to open first, then you see the truth.

Either way, this gets you closer:

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