Do you compensate, dominate or elevate?

Imagine you’re an elephant in hunter-gatherer times.

In the vast plains, you come across a small band of humans. They’re tiny things – weak, unarmoured, with no claws, fangs or spines.

You’re too close for each other’s comfort, having somehow surprised each other. Don’t ask me how, just roll with it.

What do you do?

You run.

It doesn’t  matter if you’ve never seen a human this close before. You’ve learned from your own clan – maybe even on a genetic level – to fear these squishy things.

The biggest reason to run, though?

They’re strutting around like they own the place.

They’re alert and watching you, ready for any movement… but they’re not afraid. They know they’ll beat you, whether in this fight or the next one.

There’s huge value in feeling like you belong and you (or your kin) will overcome any challenge.

It’s not arrogance. People come across as arrogant when they force this, out of a desire to compensate or dominate.

Pretending to feel this way won’t fool anyone.

You start to feel like this – to elevate yourself and everyone around you – when you’re in tune with yourself.

And that starts will learning how to relax.

I don’t mean putting your feet up and napping. I’m talking about when you stay relaxed and focused under more situations – especially ones that challenge others.

Any of my sessions will help you experience that more – especially my Neural Reset:

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