The Complete Guide to Improving Your Energy and Mood

The Complete Guide to Improving Your Energy and Mood

Oooh, now there’s a big claim. Yes, I’m about to share with you the complete list of ways to sparkle with energy and vitality. I like aiming high and delivering, so here we go.

And if I’m wrong, call me out on it. If there’s something that isn’t a subset or rewording of what I have below, let me know. I’ll give you a prize if you do – and give you full credit when I update the list to include it.

(Drugs don’t count.)

Are you excited? Not gonna lie – this reads better if you’re at least a little excited.

Here we go…

Number One: improve your physical health. You already know all this. Eat right, sleep right, move right. It truly makes a difference, though!

Note that I’m not telling you to become an Olympian. You can be 99 years old and bed-ridden, and still be able to improve.

Get your body in order and you’ll shine, sure enough.

Number Two: improve your mental health. Let go of all emotions holding you back. Every day, choose to focus, be grateful and savour just a little bit more. Socialise deeply, well and often.

Number Three: chase something. You need some purpose, goal or satisfaction in your life. If you don’t have an amazing reason for getting out of bed each morning, find one. Find something wholesome you want and get more of it. Embrace a lifestyle of seeking, appreciating and building towards something.

There you go, folks. Focus on these three things each day and you’ll explode with energy and positivity.

Am I saying anything new?

Nah, this is basic stuff. But who among us lives all this, all the time?

If you don’t live like this, there must be something distracting you – assuming you want energy and happiness, of course.

So if you’re not sure what your next step is…

No problem! I have you covered. Awakened Thought members enjoy a library of hypnotic guided meditations covering these topics. A little focused listening every day becomes amazing growth over a week, month, season, year…

So much of life is just figuring out where to place your attention.

So train your attention the fun and natural way. You can begin minutes from now if you head on over:

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