It’s like having a confidence switch

It’s like having a confidence switch

What would it mean for you if you had a button in your mind you could push any time? And whenever you did, you instantly and naturally felt confident?

You might worry about side effects or something. The only side effect I’ve found is feeling great.

You might worry about turning into a jerk. You won’t – not if you find the right switch.

Then again, maybe you don’t entertain such ludicrous hypotheticals. Anyone who invented something that incredible would be rich and famous.

To which I’d say: a lot of them are.

But forget all of that for the moment. Let’s talk about smells, music and old friends.

What do those things have in common?

They’re all buttons you can push to create specific emotional states.

A smell from your childhood can take you right back there. You can tell when some songs came out because they remind you – quite strongly – of what was going on for you then. As for old friends? Meet someone from your past and it’s like you become who you were back then, all over again.

These switches already exist. They’re a natural part of the brain.

The question is: can you control them? Can you choose a trigger (say, a particular mental image or simple gesture) that creates a specific emotion (say, confidence)?

You sure can.

Even just stumbling through and trying to do that has a chance of working.

But to make it really work…

… quickly, easily and effectively…

… you need better tools than sitting down and kinda thinking about it.

You could use a tool like self-hypnosis.

If you’d like a control panel inside your mind, with dozens of useful states of mind just waiting for you to call on them, then this is what you need to learn.

There are plenty of self-hypnosis resources out here.

But if you want to master self-hypnosis to the point this looks like child’s play, then keep reading.

One customer mastered the material in 30 days. That’s all – one month to go so far beyond installing switches in their own mind.

How long will it take you?

Maybe forever – unless you follow this link, that is:

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