Is consciousness like white light?

Is consciousness like white light?

Consciousness is a strange thing. Your mind feels like a single, continuous entity, like a block of wood. There’s ‘us’, then there’s the point where we end and ‘not us’ starts.

Except if it’s a block, it’s a strange one.

Your thoughts, feelings and behaviours change day by day, moment by moment.  Sure, there are boundaries around what you think. That’s why other people have such strange opinions – it’s common sense to them, even if it’s unthinkable to you.

Within those boundaries, though, it’s as if anything is fair game.

Consciousness doesn’t seem to be solid. It’s more like white light – made up of other colours, blending seamlessly into a single shade.

There’s your primal consciousness, focused on avoiding angry rivals with spears and finding tasty food.

There’s your tribal consciousness, obsessing over who is on your side and who is being an unpredictable, unwashed weirdo.

Part of you dreams, while another part plans.

And so on.

All coming together to make a single colour.

And that’s another way how consciousness is like white light:

It’s an illusion. It only looks like one thing, because we can’t see the parts making it up. Only when we look closer do we see the individual wavelengths that combine to make this solid colour.

This makes it hard to change, by the way. If you have a bad habit or an old emotional wound, how do you deal with it if it’s… well, you?

But if it’s only a small part of you…

Well, that’s a little easier to manage.

You can remove a part. You can replace it, modify it or turn it upside down.

But not by using your conscious mind. That’s like trying to build a hot air balloon while you’re flying it. Conscious thinking isn’t so good at pulling itself up by the bootstraps.

Fortunately, you have other tools in the shed.

Tools which are perfect for taking some part of your thinking and changing it. It’s less like tuning a car and more like training a wild animal, but it works.

It all comes from shining the spotlight of your attention where you need to.

How do you do that?

I explain all about it here:

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